Seville prices

1 EUR = 1.14 USD

Seville hotel prices

Rating Price (USD)
13.64 - 56.82
18.18 - 68.18
32.95 - 96.59
39.77 - 213.64
103.41 - 302.27

Seville hostel prices

Type Price (USD)
Hostel bed
10.23 - 26.14

Hotel seasons


Hotel prices change little throughout the year with exceptions during major holidays and festivals. If visiting for a festival, it’s best to reserve your stay in advance as rooms fill quickly.

Spain’s fourth largest city and the capital of its Andalusia region, Seville is an excellent stop for those doing a cultural tour of the country and looking beyond Madrid and Barcelona. It has a very different feel from those two huge cities, so it provides wonderful contrast, and slightly lower prices.


The center of Seville is quite touristy, but for good reason, and that also makes it very easy to visit for English speakers. Hotels and hostels are good value, including those with central locations, but booking early is still wise, especially in high season.

The attractions here are mainly free or inexpensive so you’ll mainly be shelling out for a bed plus food and drinks. The food scene here is largely based on tapas places where you can get cheap snacks along with reasonably priced drinks that can easily make a filling meal on a budget.

Seville attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Cathedral of Seville A fifteenth century cathedral that is also the burial place of Christopher Columbus. adults 10.23
Real Alcazar Learn more about Christopher Columbus while visiting the room where he planned his trip. adults 13.07
students 3.41
Casa de Pilatos This palace is a great way to spend an afternoon while walking among sixteenth century architecture. all ages 13.64

Seville transportation prices USD

Public bus around Seville 0.68 - 0.80
Scooters around Seville 34.09
Metro around Seville (1 zone) 1.48
Metro around Seville (3 zones) 5.11

Seville food and drink prices USD

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast Cafes and eateries are a common sight with many different breakfast menu options available. 3.41 - 6.82
Budget lunch Lunch is decorated with sandwiches of all kinds with lots of vegetarian options. 4.55 - 10.23
Budget dinner Dinner is an art with different menu items served up next to a glass of wine. Just keep in mind, if you request an English menu, chances are you'll be paying more per meal. 9.09 - 20.45
Beer .33L bottle The local lager is usually cheap at tapas places and most budget eateries. 1.70 - 3.98
Wine (glass) Wine is a signature characteristic of Seville with many restaurants offering wine tastings alongside tapas. 3.41 - 7.95

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Seville facts

Population 700,000
Metro area 1,519,000
Time zone UTC+1
Currency Euro
Airports Seville Airport (SVQ)

Avg temps & precip


Best months to visit

March, April, May, June

weather advise for AmsterdamWeather advice

Known for its sunny weather year round, Seville is a great destination any time of the year. Summer sees warmer weather with the temperatures in the 90’s while winter temperatures rarely reach below freezing.

Rainy season generally begins in October and continues through into December. Spring and Fall experience mild temperatures and enjoyable days.

Keep in mind when traveling during summer that the stores shut down for a few hours in the afternoon when temperatures rise.

Sunrise and sunset