Osaka prices

1000 JPY = 8.79 USD

Osaka hotel prices

Rating Price (USD)
17.58 - 79.12
17.88 - 110.41
30.74 - 118.47
56.93 - 225.44
130.43 - 260.97

Osaka hostel prices

Type Price (USD)
Hostel bed
14.07 - 22.86

Hotel seasons


During the peak holiday seasons, especially Golden Week and the Festival of the Dead, you’ll run into large crowds and higher hotel prices. Other times of the year prices tend to average out nicely.

Osaka is a short distance from Kyoto, and it’s a popular place to visit for those exploring this part of Japan. It’s much more modern and city-like than Kyoto so it will remind many visitors of Tokyo, but it’s also different in many ways, known particularly for excellent cuisine.


As long as the Japanese Yen stays in its lower range, Osaka will continue as yet another good-value destination. Prices here and all over Japan have barely moved and have fallen in some cases over the past couple of decades, so the old stories about Japan being extremely expensive are no longer true.

Good quality hotels start at very appealing prices here, and restaurants that are popular with local workers are also very good value. The food here is one of the big draws, so this is a good stop to indulge yourself in relatively affordable eats.

Osaka attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Osaka Castle Osaka's best known sight, the castle is basically a museum in the shape of a castle with exhibits both inside and out. children 0.00
adults 5.27
Osaka Science Museum This interactive center is a great way to spend a few hours and learn a little more about science. all ages 3.52
students 2.64
Umeda Sky Building 40 stories high, this strange building offers a great view of the stars at night. adults 13.19
ages 4-12 6.15

Osaka transportation prices USD

Subway ride in Osaka 1.76 - 3.08
Train ride within Osaka 1.05 - 2.20

Osaka food and drink prices USD

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast Most hotels offer breakfast as part of your stay, but there are lots of great options for cheap food around town. 3.52 - 7.03
Budget lunch Street vendors are everywhere and a great place to find some great eats while diving into the local culture. 4.40 - 7.91
Budget dinner Sushi, sushi, sushi! You'll find it everywhere with many different varieties available. 7.03 - 13.19
Beer (pint) Whether you're walking down the street markets or sitting at a restaurant, you'll find beer sections throughout the city. 3.52 - 5.27

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Osaka facts

Population 2,666,000
Metro area 18,700,000
Time zone UTC+9
Currency Japan Yen
Airports Kansai International Airport (KIX)

Avg temps & precip


Best months to visit

March, April, October, November

weather advise for AmsterdamWeather advice

Spring and fall are generally the best times to visit the area with mild temperatures and cool breezes. Winters tend to be on the cold side while summers heat up.

In winter, visitors will find temperatures just above freezing but it is very rare to see any snow. Even though, it’s important to remember when traveling this time of year to pack jackets and sweaters.

In spring the temperatures tend to still stay a bit chilly until mid May. As the temperatures rise in June the rain starts coming down into mid July.  Summer continues with more rain and higher temperatures in the high 80s.

Sunrise and sunset