Partially famous for being the remotest big city in the world, Perth is not the sort of place that you end up in by accident. A mining boom not far away has helped transform this into a big and rich city that rivals Sydney and Melbourne in some ways, but Perth is also somewhat famous for being expensive.


Hotels in Perth can actually be good value, and hostels are also fairly reasonable by Australian and international standards. Quality is good as long as you avoid the absolute cheapest places. Attraction prices are similar to those in Europe or the United States, so you shouldn’t have to skip the things you’ve traveled all this way to see.

Food and drinks, however, can be quite expensive in Perth, as they tend to be all over Australia. Even fast food meals and casual restaurants feel pricey compared to most of the rest of the world, so backpackers self-catering at the hostel kitchen might be necessary for those on the lowest budgets.

Perth prices

10 AUD = 7.19 USD

Perth facts

Population 1,970,000
Metro area 1,970,000
Time zone UTC+8
Currency Australian dollar
Airports Perth Airport (PER)

Perth hotel prices

Rating Price (USD)
17.99 - 51.08
23.74 - 71.94
43.17 - 87.05
69.78 - 153.24
126.62 - 365.47

Hotel seasons


Hotel prices generally increase during holidays and during spring and fall. Other times of the year you’ll find that the prices even out a bit, most of the crowds have disappeared and that there is still some good weather left.

Perth hostel prices

Type Price (USD)
Hostel bed
14.39 - 19.42

Perth attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Dinner Cruise View Perth from a different angle as you cruise around the waterfront taking in the city lights. adult 92.09
children 71.22
The Maze Join in on the fun as you splash around the water and cool off. 4 to 13 23.02
adult 28.06
The Aquarium of Western Australia If during your visit you won't be dipping in the water, make sure to check out the aquarium and learn about the tropical coral reefs and the icy waters that surround the country. 4 to 15 12.95
adult 21.58

Perth transportation prices USD

Airport shuttle to Perth city center 10.07 - 11.51
Taxi from airport to Perth 27.34 - 41.73
Bus or train ride in Perth (day pass) 8.92

Perth food and drink prices USD

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast For a great breakfast and a little morning walk, check out all of the cafes over on Cappuccino Strip where you'll find cafe after cafe offering the best of the best. 4.32 - 8.63
Budget lunch Throughout the city you'll find several eateries that cater to the lunch goers after a day exploring. 5.76 - 10.79
Budget dinner If you enjoy seafood, a local specialty and must try are the local mussels. 8.63 - 17.99
Beer Beer is served at all of the local pubs, bars and clubs as well as the local restaurants. 5.04 - 7.91

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Best months to visit

March, April, September, October

weather advise for AmsterdamWeather advice

Perth is noted as having different seasons, each with a different element for each type of visitor. Summer is known for being on the hot and dry side but also gets a few sea breezes that help to combat the heat. Rain tends to be rare but every now and then, you’ll experience a bit of a storm that comes and goes relatively quickly. December to February is also known for having long days, generally around 14 hours which allow ample time to get outside and explore.

Winter showcases a different side of Perth with cooler temperatures and rainy days. Night can get pretty chilly so make sure to pack some heavier clothes to sleep in. Both spring and fall are considered pretty mild with sometimes higher temperatures in March and April.

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