Medellin prices

10000 COP = 2.5 USD

Medellin hotel prices

Rating Price (USD)
4.92 - 7.49
14.97 - 39.93
11.29 - 57.84
28.42 - 65.25

Medellin hostel prices

Type Price (USD)
Hostel bed
4.41 - 7.20

Hotel seasons


Hotel prices jump up around the months of December, January and February while they drop back down during the opposite part of the year. Generally, when hotel prices are up so are flight rates so make sure to plan accordingly.

While Cartagena has been popular with tourists for decades, the city of Medellín was a no-go area until only around 2010 or so for most people. Now this city is thriving and bringing in international tourists as well as expats who come for the affordable prices and pleasant year-round weather.


Being near the equator and at a mountain elevation, Medellín has a climate that is unspectacular on any given day but amazing because it’s basically the same all year. This famous spring-like weather is a big draw here, so this city is now home to an increasing number of international people and short-term visitors.

Prices of hotels and restaurants are very appealing by international standards, and quality can be surprisingly good as well. This is out of the way of anyone who isn’t specifically touring the interior of South America, and a great stop for anyone exploring the region.

Medellin attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Museo de Antioquia Here you'll find a collection of contemporary art that includes paintings and sculptures. student 1.00
adult 4.49
Zoo (Zoologico Santa Fe) Simply named, this zoo contains over 1,000 animals and includes everything from reptiles to mammals. 2-12 2.00
adult 3.99
Planetario Municipal If you're a fan of space, then this is the perfect place for you. Recently renewed with new digital equipment. all ages 3.49

Medellin transportation prices USD

Taxi from airport to city center 16.97
Airport bus to city center 2.37
Metro ride in Medellin 0.60
TuriBus around Medellin (1 day) 8.73
TuriBus around Medellin (2 days) 13.98

Medellin food and drink prices USD

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast Coffee is a big deal in Medellin with both hotels and cafes serving up a fresh brew with your breakfast choice. 0.87 - 1.75
Budget lunch If you're looking for a light lunch, sushi might be a good choice as the meal is starting to become more and more popular around the city with most found in larger malls. 1.50 - 2.99
Budget dinner Chicken, rice, fried eggs, flat breads and more are what make up a typical dinner. Remember, dinner is always best followed up with a tasty dessert, perhaps a fruit bowl with watermelon sauce? 2.25 - 3.74
Beer (.5L) Beer is a popular drink choice to go along with your dinner and is often served alongside a cup of sweet hot chocolate. 0.50 - 1.00

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Medellin facts

Population 2,500,000
Metro area 3,592,000
Time zone UTC-5
Currency Colombian peso
Airports Jose Maria Cordova Airport (MDE) Olaya Herrera Airport (EOH)

Avg temps & precip


weather advise for AmsterdamWeather advice

Known for mild weather throughout the year, Medellin is a great destination. Keep in mind when visiting that air conditioners are rare due to the near constant breeze that travels down from the mountains. In fact, most restaurants and cafes are primarily made up off outdoor seating due to the great climate.

Temperatures do fluctuate from the 60s(F) to the 80s(F) so it’s best to pack layers so that you can change it up depending on each particular day’s temperature.

Sunrise and sunset