Boracay Island prices


100 PHP = 1.95 USD

Boracay Island hotel prices

Rating Price (USD)
15.00 - 30.00
19.00 - 76.00
21.00 - 96.00
60.00 - 123.00
300.00 - 390.00

Boracay Island hostel prices

Type Price (USD)
Hostel bed
9.18 - 15.15

Hotel seasons


Like so many other beach areas in the tropics, Boracay Island has its peak season around Christmas and its general high season from January through March. Prices come down by April and starting in May it’s the low season until mid December again. Many hotels close in the off season so deals aren’t quite so easy to find.

Recommended hotels


Hannah Hotel

Doubles from US$45/night

This family-run hotel a bit off the beach is a very popular choice in the budget category and the rate includes breakfast.

Turtle Inn Resort

Doubles from US$54/night

Just a few steps from White Beach, this modern hotel is nicely located in the more relaxing part of the island, though still close to everything.

Nigi Nigi Too Beach Resort

Doubles from US$120/night

With a perfect beachfront location in a central area, this boutique resort fills up early because of its great service and facilities.

Recommended hostels


Frendz Resort

Beds from US$11/night

Located just 2 minutes from the sand of White Beach, the Frendz Resort is by far the best place in Boracay for inexpensive bunks.

Boracay (pronounced bora-KYE) Island is the Philippines’ most popular beach destination and once you are there it’s still quite cheap by international standards. White Beach along the west coast is home to about 90% of Boracay’s hotels and it’s a lovely place although quite crowded in season.


Compared to elsewhere in Asia such as Phuket or Goa or Bali, Boracay Island is more of a mid-range destination for costs. Demand in season is high so even basic hotels charge US$30 and up, and there is only one hostel which isn’t too cheap anyway. So Boracay is better for a splurge or a solid middle-class beach stay than for the backpacker set. Boat Station 3 is cheapest while Boat Station 1 is mostly 4-star resorts.

There are fast-food restaurants and many Filipino places where all the locals eat that are quite cheap, but once you sit down at a restaurant on or near the beach the price goes up. However, competition is high so you can even get an all-you-can-eat buffet on the beach for a modest cost if you look around.

For drinking there are fruit juice stands everywhere and many cheap bars where San Miguel bottles can be very cheap on all-day happy hour deals.

Boracay Island attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
1-hour massage on the beach There are massage stations almost the entire length of White Beach and most are quite cheap and very popular. Cheap 4.88
Mid-range 10.73
2-hour boat trip Dozens of tour companies offer snorkeling, fishing, and island hopping trips from their boats. Cheap 7.80
Mid-range 14.63

Boracay Island transportation prices USD

Caticlan Port to Station 1 0.49
Caticlan to Boracay ferry (foreigners) 2.93
Tuk-tuk around town 0.35 - 1.17

Boracay Island food and drink prices USD

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast Most restaurants on the beach charge more than this, but fast-food places and those inland are cheap. 2.15 - 3.90
Budget lunch Those on a budget should stick to local food at local restaurants, but some cheap lunch options are available on the beach. 3.12 - 5.85
Budget dinner Sitting down at beach restaurants can still be cheap if you are careful. Most buffets are within this price range. 5.07 - 7.80
Beer (.33liter bottle) San Miguel Pale Lager is everywhere and quite cheap if you look around. 0.98 - 2.34
Rum and coke or gin and soda Cocktails using the local cheap rum or gin can be very cheap but of course imports cost much, much more. 0.98 - 2.34

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Boracay Island facts

Population 12,000
Metro area 12,000
Time zone UTC+8
Currency Philippine peso
Airports Caticlan Airport (MPH), Kalibo International Airport (KLO)

Avg temps & precip


Best months to visit

January, February, March, April

weather advise for AmsterdamWeather advice

Being deep in the tropics, Boracay has warm and almost constant temperatures all year round, but the area has two separate monsoon seasons that together run from mid May through early December. Rain and wind can be harsh at times during that period, but there are many wonderful days mixed in. The weather is coolest and driest from January through March.

Sunrise and sunset