St-Barthelemy-11580-smallTabletRetinaOfficially part of France, Saint Barthélemy is a small and exclusive island known best as a winter resort for celebrities and the very wealthy. French is the main language, but English is also widely spoken here as many Hollywood stars and other rich Americans and Brits choose to escape the riff-raff here.

There are excellent beaches and the usual selection of scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, and other water sports. The restaurants here are known as some of the best in all of the Caribbean, with traditional French cuisine being the most prominent since even more permanent residents are of French decent.

Saint Barthélemy is known as the most expensive island in all of the Caribbean and probably the best place to see celebrities as well. If you can afford it and you don’t mind having to switch planes at least once in the Caribbean to get here, it’s hard to beat this place.

Where to stay

Saint Barthélemy has about 30 hotels, almost all of which are small, and most of which are very expensive, even for the Caribbean. However, this island is known more for rental villas than hotels, and those can range from modest to mansions. It’s a small island mostly catering to the super-rich so it would be a poor choice for those that need to keep expenses low.3598042_105_z

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Getting there

Saint Barthélemy has one small airport, which is not large enough for long-haul planes from North America or Europe. All visitors without a private plane will have to fly into the Caribbean first and then hop a small aircraft for a short flight to Saint Barthélemy.

Nonstop flights from:
San Juan, Sint Maarten, Guadeloupe, St. Thomas

Saint Barthélemy prices

1 EUR = 1.14 USD

Saint Barthélemy facts

Population 9.000
Metro area 9.000
Time zone UTC-4
Currency Euro
Airports Gustaf III Airport (SBH)

Saint Barthélemy hotel prices

Rating Price (USD)
500.00 - 988.00

Hotel seasons


This slice of paradise is no stranger to price changes. Throughout the year, depending on the season, you’ll find prices that either increase or decease.

Mid December though mid April is known as the high season. During this time of year, the area sees a big increase in its population as many people venture south to escape the winters of the north. Due in part to this, both hotel and plane ticket costs skyrocket.

If you’re fine with visiting during another part of the year, you’ll be rewarded with lower prices as well as fewer crowds. The best time of the year is noted as being the month of May and late fall. This is when the weather is still considered great and the prices have averaged out.

The cheapest part of the year falls in the summer months and into early fall as most people have left back for home. This is also the time of the year when the rains start to fall.

Saint Barthélemy hostel prices

Type Price (USD)
Hostel bed

Saint Barthélemy attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Standup Paddleboarding Learn the basics or advance your skills while cursing around the shoreline. This price also includes a shuttle service to and from your hotel. 4 and up 39.77
Kitesurf Lessons Take private lessons and learn how to fly above the clear waters below. This price is for a 2 hour lesson. 12 and up 204.55
Scuba Diving Choose to dive either during the day or night as you discover the local waters. 12 and up 102.27

Saint Barthélemy food and drink prices USD

Food type   Price
Local Breakfast Coffee, tea, biscuits, crackers and more can be found at reasonable prices. 3.41 - 9.09
Local Lunch Lunch time is all about getting a bite to eat before or after the beach. 10.23 - 17.05
Local Dinner Meal options change almost on a daily basis at virtually every restaurant helping to keep the menus exciting. 11.36 - 28.41
Beer Both domestic and imported beers are served at restaurants and bars around town. 4.55 - 6.82

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Avg temps & precip


Best months to visit

January, February, March, April, December

weather advise for AmsterdamWeather advice

If you can handle a little rain every now and then between bursts of sunshine, you’re visiting the right place. Although it does rain throughout the year, the showers never last long and most people don’t even bother to get out of the water or off the beach.

Temperatures are on the mild side with lows in the 70s and highs in the low to mid 80s throughout the year. When packing, bring light clothes, hats, sunglasses and your favorite swimsuit.

Sunrise and sunset


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