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Ocho Rios hotel prices

Rating Price (USD)
20.00 - 55.00
62.00 - 100.00
70.00 - 152.00
153.00 - 477.00

Ocho Rios hostel prices

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Hostel bed
12.00 - 15.00

Hotel seasons


Wintertime, major holidays and spring break are when visitors will see a price increase, sometimes up to 25 percent. If you are looking for more of a budget minded trip, it may be better to consider vacationing during the wet season.

premier-verandahOn the northern shore of Jamaica to the east of Montego Bay you’ll find the popular cruise port and resort area of Ocho Rios. In spite of the many cruise passengers that are combing the shops most days in season, Ocho Rios doesn’t have much of a tourist center aside from the little shopping malls.

English is the main language in Jamaica, though with a heavy accent, and this helps make Ocho Rios popular with Americans, Canadians, Brits, and northern Caribbeans. Most people just come to sit on the beach or by the pool in the warm weather, but those looking for activities will find everything from diving to zip-lining nearby. If you are only going to do one activity on a Jamaica trip, make it a visit to the nearby Dunn’s River Falls, which is as impressive as it is unique.

Ocho Rios is one of the cheaper destinations in all of the Caribbean for all-inclusive resorts. Cheap flights into Montego Bay from all over the eastern United States and Canada keep the resorts here busy with budget travelers, though there are many mid-range and a few upper-range options as well. If you want to stay in an all-inclusive resort there there are many great options along the shore near Ocho Rios, but the town itself is disappointing and there isn’t much to see. If you want to really visit a pleasant resort area in Jamaica, head to Negril instead.

Where to stay

There are nearly 100 hotels and resorts to choose from in the Ocho Rios area, with most being larger hotels along the beach, many operating on an all-inclusive basis. Prices here tend to be lower than in Montego Bay, but not quite as low as in Negril, at least for the real budget traveler. Ocho Rios is actually the cheapest choice for all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica, so it offers excellent value for that crowd. If you don’t want to stay in an all-inclusive then Negril is a nicer and better choice, with lower prices as well.

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Getting there

You’ll be flying into the Sangster International Airport, which is a bit under 2 hours away from Ocho Rios. Many hotels have their own shuttles to pick you up, but there are also taxis and hired shuttles if you need them.

Nonstop flights from:
Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Atlanta, Charlotte, Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Newark, Boston, Chicago-O’Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Calgary, Edmonton, Moncton, Montréal-Trudeau, Ottawa, Québec City, Toronto-Pearson, Winnipeg, Vancouver, London-Gatwick, Manchester, Glasgow, Lisbon, Madrid, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, Milan-Malpensa, Rome-Fiumicino

Ocho Rios attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Dunn's River Falls Jamaica's most popular attraction is very worth a visit, just west of Ocho Rios. adults 20.00
children 12.00
Horseback Riding On horseback you'll get to discover both the countryside and the beach before riding into the waves. adults 70.00
River Tours In one day you'll get to visit two different rivers, Dunn's River and Martha Brae River where you'll be able to both raft and float. infants 0.00
ages 2 to 12 58.00
adults 79.00
ATV Tours Take a ride around Jamaica's countryside along dirt trails. adults 118.00

Ocho Rios transportation prices USD

Bus to Montego Bay 15.00 - 25.00

Ocho Rios food and drink prices USD

Food type   Price
Local Breakfast Coffee, juice, coconut water and fruit filled pastries are sold at most cafes at great prices. 3.00 - 6.00
Local Lunch If you love meat then be sure to try to a chicken or beef patty. 5.00 - 9.00
Local Dinner Jerk chicken is the most popular choice of visitors who wish to sample some local cuisine. 7.00 - 15.00
Beer (.33l bottle) There are a few well known bars in the area that serve both domestic and imported beers. If you're going to try a local beer, make sure it's a Red Stripe. 2.50 - 5.00

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Ocho Rios facts

Population 10,000
Metro area 160,000
Time zone UTC-5
Currency Jamaican dollar
Airports Sangster International Airport (MBJ)

Avg temps & precip


Best months to visit

January, February, March, April

weather advise for AmsterdamWeather advice

Weather is a friend of Jamaica most of the year with Ocho Rios being no exception. Each month visitors will find cool to warm waters and light to medium winds that combat the heat and humidity.

During the late months of summer and early months of fall however, visitors will find themselves in the middle of hurricane season. Due to this, it’s best to keep an eye on the weather and be prepared for a storm, whether big or small.

Winter on the other hand, is ideal for those who wish to seek shelter from the cold bitter winters of the north.

Sunrise and sunset