Honolulu prices


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Honolulu hotel prices

Rating Price (USD)
50.00 - 82.00
105.00 - 178.00
145.00 - 277.00
250.00 - 500.00
423.00 - 572.00

Honolulu hostel prices

Type Price (USD)
Hostel bed
18.00 - 36.00

Hotel seasons


Hotels in Honolulu tend to be fairly busy all year round, but the peak season for prices and crowds is the weeks around Christmas and New Years, and general high season runs from November through April at many places. There is also a high season from June through August at some hotels, so the best deals are generally September through November.

Honolulu is by far the largest and busiest city in Hawaii, and its Waikiki Beach is a lovely and famous stretch of sand, but most people go elsewhere on the islands in search of their own paradise.

Still, many do base themselves in Honolulu, which might be the best place for budget-minded travelers, since the big city means there are affordable options for those who look. It’s still not cheap, but you can actually find reasonably priced meals and drinks and such if you stay away from the big hotels and the tourist places surrounding them.

There’s also plenty of free and cheap things to do in Honolulu, including just chilling on the beach, so those on a tight budget can still have a good time without spending every cent they have. If you plan on seeing more than a couple of the paid sights, our review of the Go Oahu Card should be of interest because the card can often save you money.

Honolulu attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Pacific Aviation Museum This museum is in Pearl Harbor, housing military aircraft from WWII. adults 25.00
ages 4-12 12.00
Bishop Museum This huge museum is stuffed history and artifacts from the Hawaiian Islands. adults 24.95
ages 4-17 16.95
ages 65+ 21.95
Surfing lesson The cheapest are in groups of 4 or more people. Small groups or private lessons cost more. private lesson 150.00
group lesson 75.00
USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor You'll need a timed ticket to visit this popular memorial, but it's free. Update: Currently closed. all 0.00

Honolulu transportation prices USD

Taxi from airport to Waikiki Beach 35.00 - 60.00
Airport express shuttle to beach 16.00
Public bus from airport to city 2.75
3km taxi ride in Honolulu 11.00 - 15.00
Bus ride in Honolulu 2.75

Honolulu food and drink prices USD

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast You'll find local coffee shops plus some interesting fast food chains offering good value breakfasts in Honolulu. 5.00 - 9.00
Budget lunch Unlike most of the resort areas in Hawaii, Honolulu offers cheap food options for those who need them. 7.00 - 10.00
Budget dinner If you are staying within a resort you will likely pay more than these prices, but go where locals go for better deals. 10.00 - 16.00
Beer (pint) There are dive bars even in Waikiki with cheap pints and happy hour specials. 4.00 - 7.00

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Honolulu facts

Population 380,000
Metro area 900,000
Time zone UTC-10
Currency US dollar
Airports Honolulu International Airport (HNL)

Avg temps & precip


weather advise for AmsterdamWeather advice

Honolulu is known for its great year-round climate, with every day being warm and humid or hot and humid. Winters are generally more pleasant as temperatures are pleasantly lower, and even though it’s the rainy season, the rain rarely amounts to much or lasts more than an hour or two. Some parts of Hawaii receive much, much more rain, however.

Sunrise and sunset