Chicago prices
1 USD = 1 USD

Chicago hotel prices

Hotel type
Hostel bed
20.00 - 28.00
45.00 - 90.00
75.00 - 160.00
110.00 - 290.00
170.00 - 450.00
320.00 - 700.00

hotel seasons

Chicago hotels generally have their high season rates active from May through September, and cheaper places are hard to find during this time of year. This is also a major business city so it’s often possible to get good rates on weekends at business-oriented hotels. Bargains are easy to find from December through March, for those who can put up with the weather.

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Chicago is sometimes overlooked, but in spite of that it’s one of the world’s great cities and very worth a visit. It’s classic America combined with an amazing combination of recent foreign influences.

This city can definitely be expensive on tourists, though it doesn’t have to be. Hotels in Chicago’s central downtown area can be priced almost as high as New York City or San Francisco, so staying a bit farther out can help cut costs. Your transportation costs are low or non-existent if you do stay central, so that can balance out.

There are plenty of cheap and free attractions, so those on tight budget can be entertained, though some of the more famous sights and museums are not cheap at all.

Chicago is also a classic restaurant city, with ethnic neighborhoods clustered just near the city center, plus plenty of great choices in the tourist district. Again, getting a bit out of the center can save some money, though budget choices are always available if you don’t mind sandwiches and fast food.

Chicago attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Art Institute of Chicago One of America's finest and most famous museums is worth a visit. adults 23.00
children 17.00
seniors 17.00
Field Museum of Natural History This is one of three great museums on one campus by the river. adults 18.00
children 13.00
seniors 15.00
Willis (Sears) Tower Skydeck Ride an elevator up to the observation deck on the country's tallest building. adults 19.00
ages 3-11 12.00

Chicago Transportation prices

  Price range
Taxi from ORD airport to city center 40.00 - 50.00
Shuttle van from airport to city center 31.00 - 36.00
Metro from airport to city center 2.25
3km taxi ride in Chicago 8.00 - 11.00
Bus or metro ride in Chicago 2.00 - 2.25

Chicago food and drink prices

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast Depending on location you might have cheap coffee shops nearby or almost nothing. 5.00 - 9.00
Budget lunch Plenty of great ethnic meals and even good fast food options are available if you seek them out here. 5.00 - 10.00
Budget dinner Again, plenty of great budget options if you seek them out. Hotels in the main district can be pricey. 8.00 - 15.00
Beer (pint) Domestic beers are often on good specials in neighborhood bars. Trendy places will be more expensive. 3.00 - 5.00
Cocktails (glass) Prices for mixed drinks can vary widely, depending on the type of place. 5.00 - 10.00
Deep dish Chicago pizza (large) Pizzeria Uno is the most famous place serving these filling and unique pizzas. 22.00 - 27.00

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Chicago facts

Population 2,800,000
Metro area 9,800,000
Time zone UTC-6
Currency US dollar
Airports O'Hare International Airport (ORD), Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW)

Avg temps & precip

Hi F Lo F Precip Inch
Jan 31 16 2.0
Feb 36 21 1.8
Mar 47 31 2.8
Apr 59 40 3.8
May 71 51 3.9
Jun 81 61 4.2
Jul 85 66 3.8
Aug 82 65 3.9
Sep 75 57 3.5
Oct 63 45 2.8
Nov 48 34 3.2
Dec 36 22 2.8

Weather Advice

Chicago has significant temperature swings throughout the year, with hot, humid summers, and freezing winters. For this reason most agree that spring and autumn are the ideal seasons to visit, with no chance of extremes. It rains consistently through the year, but not so much that you can expect several days straight unless you get unlucky.

Sunrise and sunset

  Sunrise Sunset
21 Mar 6:52am 7:04pm
21 Jun 5:16am 8:29pm
21 Sep 6:37am 6:50pm
21 Dec 7:15am 4:23pm