Caracas prices
10 VEF = 1.59 USD

Caracas hotel prices

Hotel type
Hostel bed
40.00 - 80.00
70.00 - 110.00
100.00 - 180.00
160.00 - 260.00
200.00 - 350.00

hotel seasons

Caracas hotels are surprisingly expensive all year round, with high season generally running from December through March. There are no hostels at all, but there are some budget hotels that aren’t bookable on the internet, though standards at those are low and they are in bad neighborhoods. For international quality rooms you’ll be paying a fortune.

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Caracas has a lovely climate most of the year, and plenty of unique cultural offerings, so there would normally be plenty of reasons to come for a visit. But then when you research you discover that it’s one of the world’s most violent and dangerous cities, and on top of that it’s incredibly expensive for tourists (depending on how you do things).

The prices can be deceiving, however. Part of Venezuela’s big mess is a currency crisis that promotes a thriving black market on exchanges. On the black market you can get as much as double the “official” exchange rate, and even though it’s at least a little risky for both parties in the transaction, it can obviously cut costs in half. Even with a favorable exchange rate, this city is far more expensive than most South American capitals.

There are plenty of cheap hotels in Caracas, but they tend to be in bad neighborhoods, and are often rented out by the hour. In order to get something that even approaches international standards you’ll be spending a fortune. Those who venture into Venezuela are often quite happy about it, but it’s not a place to go without doing your research.

Food and drinks are relatively cheap if you eat where the locals eat, but in tourist hotels and restaurants you’ll be paying crazy-high prices. As of 2014 it’s very difficult to be confident about prices and exchange rates and such without actually being there, so this information is an informal guide, at best.

Caracas attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Teleferico cable car Take this cable car up the mountain for the best city view. adults 7.15
students 4.77
children 3.18

Caracas Transportation prices

  Price range
Taxi from airport to city center 42.93 - 63.59
Bus from airport to city center 2.86
Metro ride in Caracas 0.24
Bus ride in Caracas 0.64

Caracas food and drink prices

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast This is a typical range that locals will pay for breakfast. International hotels will charge much more. 2.38 - 4.77
Budget lunch Again, follow locals to cheaper restaurants in town rather than touristy or hotel restaurants. 3.18 - 5.56
Budget dinner Even nicer sit-down meals can be very affordable in Caracas if you've exchanged money the right way and go to the right places. 5.56 - 7.95
Beer (.33l bottle) The local lager will be cheap if you avoid fancy places. 0.95 - 1.59

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Caracas facts

Population 3,200,000
Metro area 3,200,000
Time zone UTC-4:30
Currency Venezuelan bolívar fuerte
Airports Simón Bolívar International Airport (CCS)

Avg temps & precip

Hi F Lo F Precip Inch
Jan 84 56 0.6
Feb 88 58 0.5
Mar 89 60 0.4
Apr 88 61 2.3
May 89 65 3.2
Jun 87 65 5.3
Jul 88 62 4.7
Aug 85 62 4.9
Sep 86 62 4.5
Oct 86 62 5.0
Nov 85 60 2.9
Dec 83 58 1.6

Weather Advice

Caracas is not far from the equator and at a moderate elevation, so it has a fairly consistent and reasonably mild climate all year, at least compared to many other tropical cities. The dry season runs from December through April, with pleasant warm days and little rainfall. Even during the hotter and wetter months from May through November, nighttime lows are mild enough that it’s comfortable.

Sunrise and sunset

  Sunrise Sunset
21 Mar 6:02am 6:09pm
21 Jun 5:37am 6:22pm
21 Sep 5:47am 5:55pm
21 Dec 6:11am 5:41pm