Sydney prices
1 AUD = 0.94 USD

Sydney hotel prices

Hotel type
Hostel bed
24.53 - 30.19
33.02 - 70.75
61.32 - 84.91
68.87 - 206.60
95.28 - 271.70
156.60 - 376.42

hotel seasons

Not surprisingly, the high season in Sydney is during the warm summer time, generally from October through April, with January and February being the peak season. From May through September things are quieter as the weather cools, and hotel bargains can be found, especially near the beach areas during the coolest months.

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Sydney is an absolute must if you are visiting Australia, but unfortunately it’s generally more expensive than you might expect, especially when the currency is strong as it is in 2010. Hostels and hotels are of high standard, and you tend to pay an extra price for it. The backpacker neighborhood of Kings Cross might be the best place to find accommodation bargains, though it’s also more seedy than you’d probably expect.

Thanks to labor costs and high taxes, prices for food and drink are fairly high, so it takes some creativity (and self-catering) to get by on a backpacker budget in Sydney. Beer, wine, and spirits are also pricey, even when you buy them in markets, though local wines can be decent bargains when bought in large stores.

The main Sydney attractions are also quite expensive, but this is a city where much of it can be seen and appreciated from outside, especially the lovely beaches, so you can have a great time without paying high admission fees everywhere you go.

Sydney attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Sydney Tower This great observation deck also includes a ride in the virtual OzTrek theater. Discounts are available, including online. adults 24.53
4-15 14.15
Sydney Opera House tour You can see and photograph the outside of these buildings for free. The Essential Tour takes you inside for an hour. Discounts for buying online. adults 33.02
children 23.11
Museum of Sydney Learn about how Sydney came to be on the site of one of the first settlements. adults 9.43
60+ 4.72
5-16 4.72

Sydney Transportation prices

  Price range
Taxi from airport to city center 35.85 - 39.62
Airport Link train to city center 15.47 - 16.23
Shuttle bus from airport to city 14.15
Local bus from airport to city center 3.21
3km taxi ride in Sydney 9.43 - 12.26
Metro or bus ride in Sydney 3.40
Light rail ride in Sydney 3.58 - 4.34

Sydney food and drink prices

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast Many restaurants will include breakfast, but if yours doesn't then fast food might be the only cheap option. 5.66 - 9.43
Budget lunch Sandwiches and Asian restaurants are good budget lunch options in Sydney. 7.55 - 14.15
Budget dinner It's hard to find cheap meals at sit-down restaurants, but those on a budget can often find good deals at pubs, often along with a beer. 11.32 - 18.87
Beer (pint) Cheapskates should look in King's Cross near the hostels for cheaper pints. Irish pubs in other areas sometimes have deals on one particular lager. 4.72 - 8.49
McDonald's Big Mac Big Macs are a reasonable budget meal option in Sydney. 4.43

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Sydney facts

Population 180,000
Metro area 4,400,000
Time zone UTC+10
Currency Australian dollars
Airports Sydney Airport (SYD),

Avg temps & precip

Hi F Lo F Precip Inch
Jan 79 66 4
Feb 78 66 4.6
Mar 76 64 5.1
Apr 72 58 5
May 67 53 4.7
Jun 62 49 5.1
Jul 61 46 3.8
Aug 64 48 3.2
Sep 68 52 2.7
Oct 72 56 3.1
Nov 74 60 3.3
Dec 77 64 3.1

Weather Advice

Sydney is known for it’s pleasant and moderate climate, but it’s not all sunshine and fun. The southern hemisphere summers are usually pleasantly warm, but usually also humid so being inland can be rough during the warmest days. The winters are usually easy to deal with and snow is extremely rare, but it can get near freezing at night.

This is also one of the wettest major cities in the world, with rain recorded on almost half the days each year. It’s not the kind that will ruin your visit, but still it’s a good idea to be prepared with some gear for wet weather at any time of the year.

Sunrise and sunset

  Sunrise Sunset
21 Mar 6:58am 7:05pm
21 Jun 7:00am 4:53pm
21 Sep 5:47am 5:50pm
21 Dec 5:40am 8:05pm