Reykjavik prices
1000 ISK = 8.92 USD

Reykjavik hotel prices

Hotel type
Hostel bed
21.42 - 31.24
32.13 - 80.32
71.40 - 142.79
98.17 - 232.04
116.02 - 410.53

hotel seasons

Hotels in Reykjavik generally consider the period between May and September to be the high season, though prices can be even higher in June and July. Many hotels drop their prices significantly during the rest of the year, so if the midnight sun isn’t important to you then you can save money coming between October and April.

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Reykjavik is famously expensive, although it’s gotten a bit better since the 2008 currency crisis. Still, nearly everything you will want to do will cost more than almost anywhere else in Europe, or on the planet for that matter.

Hotels in Reykjavik can actually be reasonably priced if you shop early to find a good deal, or if you come outside of the main tourist season in summer. Shared bathrooms are pretty much the norm all over Iceland in the budget category, and you rarely even get a sink in the room, so get used to that. There are a few hostels in Reykjavik as well, which can keep from exploding your budget. Take note of the fact that most of the cheaper hotels and hostels are actually some distance from the city proper, so they may not be ideal even if they are cheap.

Food is quite expensive, as is any kind of alcohol. Think about the duty free shop on your way in and start off in your hotel room.

Most people only stay in the city for a day or two and then they circle the island in a bus or a rental car. Once outside Reykjavik prices do ease a bit, but the whole experience is so amazing that it’s hard to feel bad if you can afford it somehow.

Reykjavik attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Blue Lagoon geothermal spa Iceland's most popular attraction is this spa located closer to the airport, so you have to get out there by bus or car. Prices here are for just the basic package. low season 47.30
hi season 57.12
National Museum of Iceland This museum also has good views of the city. adults 10.71
seniors 5.35
under 18 0.00
Whale watching boat trip These 3-hour excursions take you out to see whales and dolphins. adults 62.47

Reykjavik Transportation prices

  Price range
Taxi from airport to city center 116.02 - 133.87
FlyBus from airport to city center 17.40
3km taxi ride in Reykjavik 10.71 - 16.96
Bus ride in Reykjavik 3.12
One day bus pass 6.25
Weekly car rental (high season) 330.21 - 669.34

Reykjavik food and drink prices

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast Breakfast will likely be included with your hotel. If not fast food is your best budget option. 4.46 - 10.71
Budget lunch Hot dogs are excellent, fairly cheap, and abundant in Reykjavik, but other casual choices are there. 5.35 - 10.71
Budget dinner If you want a proper sit-down meal the Icelandic cuisine tends to be pricey. Thai and other international options are cheaper. 8.92 - 17.85
Beer (pint) Look for happy hour deals or you'll pay at the top of this range. 5.35 - 8.92
Pizza for one Many places serve really good small pizzas that are worthwhile. 10.71 - 13.39

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Reykjavik facts

Population 120,000
Metro area 200,000
Time zone UTC+0
Currency Iceland kronur
Airports Keflavík International Airport (KEF)

Avg temps & precip

Hi F Lo F Precip Inch
Jan 35 27 3.0
Feb 37 28 2.8
Mar 38 28 3.2
Apr 42 33 2.3
May 49 39 1.7
Jun 53 44 2.0
Jul 56 47 2.0
Aug 55 46 2.4
Sep 50 41 2.6
Oct 44 36 2.4
Nov 38 30 2.9
Dec 36 27 3.1

Weather Advice

Even though winter temperatures in Reykjavík aren’t nearly as cold as most people would expect for a place near the Arctic Circle, it’s still not a good time to come. It can be very windy and the days are very short, even if you don’t get great snow pile-ups. Summer is the best time to come, of course, with warm days and reasonable nights. Spring and fall are fine as long as you are dressed properly.

Sunrise and sunset

  Sunrise Sunset
21 Mar 7:26am 7:46pm
21 Jun 2:25am 12:04am
21 Sep 7:08am 7:33pm
21 Dec 11:22am 3:29pm