Brussels prices
1 EUR = 1.35 USD

Brussels hotel prices

Hotel type
Hostel bed
25.68 - 39.19
47.30 - 81.08
68.92 - 131.08
56.76 - 229.73
95.95 - 285.14
181.08 - 343.24

hotel seasons

Hotels in Brussels can have somewhat unpredictable prices compared to most other European cities. This is a major business and bureaucrat city, without so much leisure tourism, so prices are often cheaper on weekends and during the July and August summer break, at least at mid-priced and high-priced hotels. You can sometimes get great bargains at those nicer places that turn out to be cheaper than budget places if the timing is right. Near the lower end prices don’t change much through the year, and tend to be cheapest from January through March.

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Brussels gets ignored by most of those who tour Europe, and it deserves its reputation for being a city of international bureaucrats, but it also has a charm that is undeniable. Compared to most European cities it’s a bit on the expensive end of things, with relatively few options for those on tight budgets.

Hotels in Brussels are often full of business travelers so they tend to be expensive unless you come on a weekend or during the summer break. If you can adjust your dates it’s worth looking into, since you can sometimes get great bargains at the better places if you time it right. There aren’t many hostels in Brussels, and those that are here aren’t particularly cheap.

The main attractions, except for the Grand Place and the nearby Mannekin Pis statue, are relatively expensive as well. This is a tough city for a backpacker, which is one reason why most of them stay only a day or two if they stop here at all. Food and drinks are also quite pricey by local standards, especially if you’d like to sit down in a proper restaurant near the city center.

Brussels attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Atomium Space-age symbol of Brussels, this odd attraction is interesting to see for free from the outside. Admission gets you displays + observation deck. adults 14.86
ages 12-18, 65+ 10.81
ages 6-11 8.11
Mini-Europe At the base of the Atomium you can see many or Europe's landmarks in miniature. Combine the two and save a bit. adults 19.19
children 14.32
Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire Brussels' oldest and most important art museum, with pieces from around the world. adults 6.76
Belgian Comic Strip Center The city celebrates its fascination and history with comic art at this museum. adults 10.81
ages 12-18, 65+ 8.11
under 12 4.05

Brussels Transportation prices

  Price range
Taxi from airport to city center 40.54 - 54.05
Train from airport to city center 9.46
Public bus from airport to city center 4.73
3km taxi ride in Brussels 9.46 - 13.51
Metro or bus ride in Brussels 2.70

Brussels food and drink prices

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast Often breakfast is included with a room or bed. If not there are neighborhood cafes in most tourist areas. 5.41 - 9.46
Budget lunch Finding cheap meals in Brussels can be challenging in some areas. 8.11 - 13.51
Budget dinner Restaurants near the main square can be expensive, so walk a couple blocks for better value. 10.81 - 20.27
Beer (pint) Most beer is served in bottles, and there are many dozens to choose from. Lagers can be cheap while monk brews are expensive. 5.41 - 10.81
McDonalds Big Mac McDonald's is one of the cheaper fast food options in Brussels. 5.27
Belgian waffle Street carts are all over the city center, offering many topping choices. 2.03 - 4.05

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Brussels facts

Population 1,100,000
Metro area 1,900,000
Time zone UTC+1
Currency Euro
Airports Brussels Airport (BRU)

Avg temps & precip

Hi F Lo F Precip Inch
Jan 42 33 2.8
Feb 44 33 2.1
Mar 50 37 2.9
Apr 56 41 2.1
May 64 48 2.8
Jun 68 53 3.1
Jul 72 57 2.7
Aug 73 56 2.5
Sep 66 51 2.5
Oct 58 46 2.7
Nov 48 39 3.1
Dec 44 35 3.1

Weather Advice

Brussels has a fairly moderate climate all year round. Summers rarely get hot enough to be bothersome, and winters rarely have snow or long stretches of sub-freezing weather. Rain is fairly constant all year round, and it usually comes in persistent drizzles rather than downpours, so it can get annoying.

Sunrise and sunset

  Sunrise Sunset
21 Mar 6:44am 6:57pm
21 Jun 5:29am 10:00pm
21 Sep 7:27am 7:44pm
21 Dec 8:43am 4:39pm