Mexico City prices
100 MXN = 7.66 USD

Mexico City hotel prices

Hotel type
Hostel bed
10.73 - 14.56
15.33 - 30.65
26.82 - 76.63
34.48 - 114.94
45.98 - 191.57
68.97 - 459.77

hotel seasons

Hotels in Mexico City are mostly in sync with Caribbean hotels in that high season runs from December through Easter or through the middle of April. During July and August the city also gets a bit crowded with Europeans and others on summer holiday, so many hotels raise their prices then as well.

The best bargains can be found in May, June, September, October, and November, and weather is often most pleasant during that period as well.

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Mexico City is certainly one of the more affordable cities in North America, but it’s not quite as cheap as many people expect. It also offers a huge range of places to stay and eat, so backpackers on a tiny budget can get by for very little while luxury travelers can find the best of everything not far away.

Hotels and hostels in Mexico City can offer good value, though on the lower end of things you might find the standards to be below what you are used to. Food and drinks can be very cheap if you concentrate more on street stalls and places that cater to locals. If you insist on places with English-language menus then you might find the city to be fairly expensive.

Fortunately most of the main attractions are free or rather cheap, and city tours are quite affordable as well. This is really a city where you can get by on nearly any kind of budget as long as you are crafty enough to find your comfort zone.

Mexico City attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
National Museum of Anthropology This highly acclaimed museum is one of the city's most popular attractions adults 4.52
Chapultepec Castle This castle is popular for its city view as well as its interior. It's free on Sundays. adults 4.52
Sightseeing bus tour The standard bus tour with hop-on, hop-off privileges for the day is a relative bargain in Mexico City. Prices are a bit higher on weekends. adults 10.73
child 5.36

Mexico City Transportation prices

  Price range
Taxi from airport to city center 13.79 - 19.16
Metro from airport to city center 0.38
3km taxi ride in Mexico City 1.15 - 1.92
Metro ride in Mexico City 0.38

Mexico City food and drink prices

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast If your hotel doesn't include breakfast you can get many cheap local items at casual places along the street. 2.30 - 3.83
Budget lunch You'll find excellent street food and small local restaurants with authentic foods at very affordable prices. 3.07 - 4.60
Budget dinner Once you go to sit-down restaurants the prices can range dramatically, but still budget meals are possible if you avoid the touristy places. 4.60 - 7.66
Beer (.33l bottle) The local beers, including Corona, are cheap in most restaurants and bars, and a bit more at clubs. 1.53 - 2.30
McDonald's Big Mac If your stomach needs Western food for a bit you'll find some McDonald's around to help. 2.84

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Mexico City facts

Population 9,000,000
Metro area 22,000,000
Time zone UTC-6
Currency Mexican peso
Airports Mexico City International Airport (MEX)

Avg temps & precip

Hi F Lo F Precip Inch
Jan 70 42 0.4
Feb 73 45 0.2
Mar 78 49 0.4
Apr 80 51 1.0
May 80 53 2.2
Jun 76 54 5.3
Jul 73 53 6.9
Aug 74 53 6.7
Sep 72 53 5.7
Oct 72 50 2.6
Nov 71 46 0.5
Dec 69 44 0.2

Weather Advice

Mexico City has a fairly typical climate for a tropical city in that the temperatures generally peak in April, and then dip slightly as the summer rainy season arrives in May. Generally, temperatures are milder than most people imagine, and it’s pleasant during most of the year.

Between June and September it does rain quite a bit, but usually in short bursts that won’t ruin your trip as long as you can seek shelter for an hour or so. Winter days are generally warm and very dry, though it does get quite chilly most nights.

Sunrise and sunset

  Sunrise Sunset
21 Mar 6:40am 6:48pm
21 Jun 6:59am 8:18pm
21 Sep 7:25m 7:34pm
21 Dec 7:06am 6:04pm