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Lyn Shepherd says:

You need to update your Barcelona page, there has been an entry charge for the monumental part of Park Güell for the last year! There is a charge to visit the interiors of all the modernista gems, they vary a lot, from under 10€ for Parc Güell, to over 20€ for Casa Batlló

Wendy says:

Public transport is expensive for tourists who visit Melbourne for 2 days since they have to buy a Myki card before they put money on it.

Matti says:

if you go to Kallio on wednesday or friday between 10am-1pm, there is a place called ‘Hursti’ where they hand out food, bread etc. for free. waiting in line about 10-15min

Brent Foster says:

Hello, We here at Hamburg Free Walking Tours would like to introduce ourselves to Price of travel. We offer free tours here in the city. This means everyone gets to decide how much the tour was worth to them at the end of the tour by giving a tip. We offer two tours. One starts at 11 am and goes through the historic city center and one at 2 pm that goes through the harbour and St.Pauli district. Both tours run in English and German. We would love to be on your list of recommended things to do here in the beautiful city of Hamburg. We are also rated nr. 1 on trip advisor from all tours here in the city. You are more than welcome to visit our website at or contact me personaly if you have any questions. We would love to hear from you. Thank you.
Best regards,
Brent Foster


please i will be traveling on 22 December 2014 to return on 31 December 2014 please kindly help me to book hotel on my behalf and some good attractive places to visit while in the U.S.A thanks your respond will be of more importance to me.

kapil prabhakar says:

Alcohol is freely available in Delhi.One can buy a 650 ML bottle from 1 to 2 USD. The available brands range from Indian Kalyani,Kingfisher,Haywards to imported Fosters,Budwiser,Carlsberg,Heineken etc. Similarly a large variety of Malt whisky,Brandy,Rum & Vodka are available at reasonable rates.

Linda T says:

Stockholm tips:
1. Starting in 2016 public museums will be free. Thank a swing back to the left in the govenment.
2. For budget lunches, try church cafes,Hospitals, Universities, library cafes,sports halls and Adult education centers. On Södermalm on Gögatan, one can find Åsö vuxengymnasium, Södermalmskyrkan,and Eriksdalsbadet. These offer filling, nutritous meals, that are authentic Swedish food, all be it, not the greatest.
2. Consider staying in a suburb or a park cottage instead of downtown, especially if you are buying a transport card, or have rented a cycle. Food will be cheaper and you will see have a more authentic experience.Some of the parks also have cabins for rent, at reasonable prices especially for families. Hellasgården has wonderful cottages, but you will need to book well in advance, especially in high season.
3. Consider renting a canoe as this can be one of the cheapest forms of entertainment in this expensive city.
4. The public swimming pools are also cheap entertainment, most of them have saunas, jacuzzi’s and kids play areas.

Garrett Sheffer says:

Greetings. we are presently in Budapest and noticed that the prices for the Parliament building tour have gone up significantly as of May this year (according to the website). The new price for non-EU residents (as of 12-Aug) is 5200 HUF (~$18.50) per person and 2000 HUF ($7.11) per person for EU residents. Unfortunately, as we’re on a budget, this price disuaded us from taking the tour (bummed). Note, there are still student discounts available. Also, the gounds outside are free and very nice.
Garrett & Nicole

    Roger Wade says:

    Wow, yes, it looks like they just about doubled the price recently. I’ve updated the page to reflect the new prices. Thanks for the help. -Roger

Rob Nelson says:

Regarding Toronto (I live here), I would add Ripley’s Aquarium, Centre Island and Ward’s Island, The ROM and The Art Gallery of Ontario to the downtown attractions list. Also the Union-Pearson (UP) Express is up and running to take air passengers directly to downtown and vice versa. Lastly i would update your USD pricing specifically on pints of beer to be $4.80-$7.50 Good site, I came here to research Cancun…..

Rob Nelson says:

Sorry, I just realized you did list the ROM for Toronto. I would update the comments about the exchange rate as the CDN is presently (Jan 2016) hovering at 71 cents US. In other words it is a bargain for American tourists. Don’t forget that Toronto is the third best/largest destination for live theatre (after NYC and London) globally in terms of theatres and shows….we get many of the same shows as both of those cities, often at the same time. lastly we also have Billy Bishop Airport right downtown servicing cities such as NYC, Boston, Chicago etc

    Roger Wade says:


    Thanks for the suggestions and updates. I’m going to update and rerank all of the North American cities within the next two weeks for 2016, and I’ll use as much of this information as I can. Very much appreciated. -Roger

Robert says:

Just a quick note but in London you will be very hard pressed to find a pint for less than £4. The range is usually around £4.30 to £6.

Otherwise pretty good.

    Roger Wade says:


    Thanks for this. The numbers I’m using are based on my trip there in 2014. Admittedly, I tend to spend a lot of time in Wetherspoon pubs, including in London, and they still do have the cheaper pints. Some hostels also sell pints in that range. But I’ll be in London again in April so I’ll update all of it when I get there and spend some time shopping around. I appreciate the input and I assume you are generally correct with what you say. -Roger

Hemant salecha says:

M from india and planning for Switzerland in June 1st to 9 June for 8 days. Please help to make budget plan for it. I prefer to stay in apartment bcoz m pure vegetarian.

    Roger Wade says:


    Switzerland is very expensive so making a budget isn’t easy. Start off by reading my article about where to go in Switzerland. There are many vegetarians in the large cities and also in Interlaken (it’s quite popular with people from India). If you have more questions please ask in a comment below that Switzerland article. Have a great trip. -Roger

Chris Cartwright says:

Your pricing on Barbados for meals/food is very inaccurate. If you double or even triple your pricing listed – you will be accurate. Food at restaurants and in supermarkets is over double of USA pricing and some items are triple price of USA

    Roger Wade says:


    I’m sure you are right for the most part. But giving meal prices in the Caribbean is very tricky. We list the prices of “local” meals rather than hotel or tourist-restaurant meals. As I think you’d agree, in most (but not all) of the Caribbean, you can find nearby local restaurants that cater mostly to the locals, with very affordable meals. And then you go to the nearest hotel and they charge double or triple the price. If we list the hotel restaurant prices we get comments from people who insist that they can get good local meals at half that price. Or if we list the local prices we get the opposite. Thank you for the help and we’ll probably adjust it on the next update, coming soon. -Roger

Phil Carter says:

Hi Roger,
Just a question..I’m going to Buenos Aires in December 2016.. I’ve got an aprt. rented via VRBO-done problem.

Have yet to purchase ticket. Dates=Dec. 6-21..I live in Northeast TN. but plan on leaving from Atlanta. Is that a good/sound idea?? I could also get to Nashville, but thought Atlanta would be better since it is a DELTA hub. So, WHEN is the BEST TIME TO PURCHASE?

I recently viewed a bar graph that displayed the annual fares from Atlanta to Buenos Aires. It should no steep drops or extreme hikes-about $1200 average<IS THIS ACCURATE/TRUE.. Finally, is one carrier
BETTER? than any other OR are they about the same???

Thanks for your insight, assistance and HELP!!

Hope to hear from you soon..P.C.

Thanks fpr your help

    Roger Wade says:


    The ironic thing about fares out of Atlanta is the fact that it’s a Delta hub with almost no other competitors actually makes it among the most expensive major airports in the US. You can often fly from Los Angeles or Chicago to Europe or South America for less than flights leaving from Atlanta.

    Still, Delta does have a lot of flights so you’ll have more choices out of Atlanta. My recommendation is to check fares from Nashville and also from Atlanta, and see what they look like. You might have to change planes in Dallas or Miami on your way to Buenos Aires, but the fare might be cheaper from Nashville or a smaller airport.

    As for the best time to buy, if you are going within a few days of Christmas or New Years, you should buy soon because the airlines know they can sell those seats at high prices so they don’t have to lower fares to fill those planes. But if you are going early in December, you should find that fares might come down a bit in the next month or two. For long-distance flights like that, you usually want to book no more than 3 months out. But between now and then, the fares might dip and go back up a bit, so you could save by buying on a dip.

    As for which airline to use, I’d probably just book the cheapest one. One nice thing about those long-haul flights is that pretty much all airlines use widebody jets with slightly larger seats and decent legroom. In other words, they are all more comfortable than the standard domestic US flights from Nashville to Atlanta, for example. You could check the flight on before you book just to be sure.

    Have a great trip and let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

      Phil Carter says:

      Thanks you SO MUCH for a direct, complete and factual response!! I will be contacting you in the future for similar advise/suggestions.

      you are THE MAN!!!


ALEX D. says:

As of Aug 2016, the Cable car ride in San Francisco is $7 and Public Transit is $2.25

Phil Carter says:

Hi Roger,
Your earlier advise has proved to be true-no surprise there..your ARE the PRO!!! Prices have fluctuated over the past month.

I’m seeking a DEAL:from Northeast TN. to Buenos Aires>Dec. 6-21.

Your opinion; which, if any of the following dates-times would yield the best chance of a deal??////

1-Before Labor Daw Weekend???

2-WAIT-for Labor Day Weekend sales??/

3-Post labor Day weekend??

>>>You suggested I book no more than 3 months out-still true???

Thanks for your insight and expertise..

    Roger Wade says:


    I’m happy to help. This is a tricky one because the return date is so close to Christmas. That means you’ll be competing with people flying out of Buenos Aires for Christmas, and the airlines know they can fill all of those seats at high prices, so they don’t have any incentive to lower them much. Your flight out should be a good deal though.

    Due to the Christmas factor, I think I’d buy fairly soon. Right now those flights are still mostly empty, but by September some people will start booking their Christmas flights, so the fares might start rising. If the fare you are seeing now looks pretty decent and you are locked into those dates, I’d say that it’s more likely that fares will rise rather than fall as the dates approach. Best of luck on this. -Roger

Ayça Deniz says:

hello ,
ı will travel to Tayland- Cambodia-Vietnamand Laos .
I want to ask you ; it is possible to visite every where alone and there are bus and mnb e.t.c Because I dont want to go whit travel agency and groupe. I will stay in a city and viilage and I will visit environsment there is transportation every where . Merci for replay

    Roger Wade says:


    Yes, I’ve traveled extensively in all of those countries, and it’s quite simple to get around by bus on your own without booking a tour. In Thailand there are also nicer VIP buss, as well as trains in some parts of the country. Generally there is at least one bus between each major destination each day. And for popular routes like Phnom Penh to Siem Reap there are man buses each day. In Vietnam they have trains going from Hanoi down to Ho Chi Minh City, and a few other routes. -Roger

george says:

Acropolis of Athens
The ticket for adults is not 120 euros but 12euros on summer and 6 on winter. It is reduced to half for senior citizens, children and students from EU countries.

    Roger Wade says:

    Thank you. That was an input error in our recent price update and it has been fixed. Your help is very much appreciated. -Roger

Rosie says:

Tips for Lisbon:
-yes, we have lots of fast-food. Just look for the nearest mall.
-asian and middle east restaurants also offer nice meal deals, some have buffets with “all you can eat” deals.
—the neighbourhood trending to go out at night nowadays is Cais do Sodre, not Bairro Alto anymore
-the best pasteis de nata (custard tarts) are in Manteigaria, near Chiado (downtown)
-some cafes have happy hour on beer in middle afternoon, with prices as low as €0,60/glass
-in Sintra, visit Quinta da Regaleira, it’s really worth it
-try our espresso, it’s cheap and delicious in most places
-besides Port wine and ginginha, try also a drink called Pirata, that’s available only in a small place in Restauradores (downtown, you can get there by subway)
-beware of taxi drivers at the airport, lots of them charge abusive prices and trick the tourists

Dmytro says:

Just tell me where you found local lager beer with price $2.3 in Kyiv??? In most expensive bars it costs $1.5. $2.3 is the biggest price of local small craft brewers



    Thank you for the update. I think we accidentally doubled the price twice when the most recent inflation was factored in. It’s been fixed. -Roger

Rhandi says:

Your prices for Trinidad and Tobago are entirely wrong. I visit regularly and it isn’t at all as expensive as your current page states.



    Thanks for the help. Are you referring to the food prices or attraction prices or hotel prices or something else? We gather all of those from different sources so I’m still unsure of what you mean. I appreciate the assistance. -Roger

A.D. says:

We just rode the Punta de Este bus yesterday and it only cost 35 Uruguay Pesos, that’s $.70 cents.


I kindly ask you to tell foot prices in supermarkets on Martinique and Guadeloupe island .

Gaby says:

Watch out guys, Montevideo is now more expensive than Buenos Aires. The description of Montevideo is outdated (maybe you need to check Buenos Aires as well)



    Thank you for this. I actually have noted this on the annual Backpacker Index page for South America, but I haven’t updated the permanent page in some time so you are right. I appreciate the tip. -Roger

mark says:

You definitely need to update Oslo food and beer prices. Beer is at least 12USD and can be up to 20, 25 or even more in the city center.
Pizza is around 30USD for a largish takeaway, and a sit down burger, with no extras 30USD.
Very expensive city

Eunice Musa says:

Western Australia has an international airport in Perth which you might like to mention, not just the small, light plane airport of Jandakot. The Domestic and International terminals are more in line with other international destinations and close to the city.
Also include the port of Fremantle as a destination to Perth outer areas. Kings Park in West Perth is a major feature and is free.



    Thank you. This was actually a mistake when we put the page together and it has now been corrected. I appreciate you taking the time to help. -Roger

John Lund says:

A comment on beer prices in the Copenhagen supermarkets. They are not nearly as high as you claim. You can get a discount beer for USD 0.4 and a Carlsberg for USD 0.7.



    Thank you for this and I’ve made the correction. Sometimes I get information from supermarkets in train stations and that sort of thing, which are often much more expensive than where locals actually shop. -Roger


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