Is the Go California Pass 2020 worth it? Go California Pass review

The state of California is easily one of the most talked about and well known states within the US. This is because of the state’s beautiful coastline, thriving cities, mountains, deserts, and activities in every direction and for every season. No matter what your travel style is, you’ll find something that fits in California. You’ll also find that the famous and popular attractions here can be a little on the expensive side, which if you’re traveling on a budget, can be a negative. Luckily, there is a way to save money and it’s with the Go California Pass.

Part of the Go Pass family, this pass covers famous and attractive attractions throughout the entire state, which is great if you’re planning a road trip. But does it save you enough money to be worth it? Continue reading below for our review of the Go California Pass 2020.

Go California Pass prices for 2020

When reading below, you’ll find that there are 3 pass options, a 3 choice pass, a 4 choice pass, and a 5 choice pass. These passes are available to both adults and children with child rates applying to those who are 3 to 12 years old. Toddler and infants 2 and under do not need to have a pass purchased for them.

  • 3 Choice Adult $244, 3 Choice Child $229
  • 4 Choice Adult $299, 4 Choice Child $279
  • 5 Choice Adult $349, 5 Choice Child $319

In order to activate your pass after it’s been purchased, all you need to do is visit your first attraction. After you’ve visited your first choice, then you’ll have 30 days to visit the remaining attractions. If you don’t visit the attractions within that time period, you’ll end up with an expired pass. But, with that said, you have an entire year to activate your pass from the time of purchase. In addition, you don’t have to chose the attractions right when you buy your pass but instead can wait until you’re ready to explore.

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The short version

The Go California Pass offers visitors to the state of California the option of purchasing either a 3 choice pass, a 4 choice pass,  or a 5 choice pass, all of which are available for adults and children at different rates. Pass holders can then choose from 14 different attractions, 2 of which are premium attractions. In addition to saving money on popular and well reviewed state attractions, visitors will also be able to skip any lines and instead walk straight up to the attraction gate, show their pass, and walk right in. When selecting your attractions, you’ll want to focus on attractions with the highest gate fee in order to save the maximum amount of money possible.

Top sights and attractions

LEGOLAND California 2-day Resort Hopper (Premium attraction) – $155.00

A San Diego amusement park, LEGOLAND California is a great choice for all ages and offers days of entertainment and fun. In fact, here you’ll find over 60 rides, attractions, and shows. Some of these include the SEA LIFE Aquarium, Miniland USA, Fun Town, and the LEGO Movie 4D A New Adventure.

Universal Studios Hollywood (Premium attraction) – $124.00

Because this attraction is already so famous, it really doesn’t need much of an introduction. Here you’ll find a studio tour of an active studio lot, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a Kung Fu Panda activity, the Transformers: The Ride 3D, and a special effects show, along with much more.

California Academy of Sciences – $39.95

Located in San Francisco, the California Academy of Sciences is home to an all-digital planetarium, an aquarium, a four-story rainforest, and a natural history museum. Because of all of the different displays within one place, your entire group will find at least one thing that interests them.

San Diego Zoo – $58.00

Featuring over 4,00 animals, the San Diego Zoo is a great choice for both adults and children and caters to large groups as well. The thousands of animals here are housed on 100 acres in different exhibits. Some of these exhibits are the Lost Forest, Discovery Outpost, Elephant Odyssey, and Africa Rocks.

Knott’s Berry Farm – $84.00

California’s first theme park, Knott’s Berry Farm, located just outside of Los Angles is a famed park loved by all ages. Here you’ll find lots of different rides and rollercoasters, dining options, and water rides.

Belmont Park Ride and Play Pass – $56.00

Located in San Diego, the Belmont Park offers a large amount of things to do, and you’ll have trouble finding time to do everything there, which is a great problem to have. Here you’ll find a zip line, a rock wall, sky ropes, mini golf, a laser maze, and the Giant Dipper – a long wooden rollercoaster that features 13 hills and a view of the ocean.

Is the Go California Pass a good deal

Because the Go California Pass covers multiple parts of the state, rather than just one city like other Go Passes we have reviewed, you might be skeptical and wondering if it really is a good value. So, below you’ll find a crafted sample itinerary that should help us see if the pass really is worth it or not. But first, we want to mention that the pass allows visitors the option to skip attraction lines and instead walk straight up to the attraction gate, which can save you lots of time since all of the attractions included with the Go California Pass are popular choices and often have long lines.

Now we’re going to take a look at a sample itinerary. For this review we’re going to use an adult 4 choice pass. The prices listed below are the regular admission prices for each attraction.

4 Choice Adult Go California Pass

  • LEGOLAND California 2-day Resort Hopper $155.00
  • Knott’s Berry Farm $84.00
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain $92.99
  • Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood $72.00

When totaling the above numbers all together, you’ll see that they come out to $403.99. When using the adult 4 choice pass, the total comes out to $299. That’s a savings of $104.99. The amount of savings will vary a bit depending on your own itinerary, but as long as you stick with attractions that have a high gate fee, you find you save a lot of money with this pass.

Are all of the attractions covered with the Go California Pass worth a visit

Because the attractions associated with the Go California Pass are popular attractions that have been for quite some time now, we can easily say that each attraction is worth a visit. Also, it’s worth noting that these attractions vary from each other. Some are in the theme park category while others focus on animals and science. This variation is great for groups or families that have different interests yet still want to be able to visit the same attractions together while on vacation.

How not to use the Go California Pass

The pass is a great deal, as long as you use it after some travel planning. What we mean by this is that because the attractions associated with the pass are located in different cities that exist far away from each other, you don’t want to buy the pass for a 3 day vacation and then try to drive all around the state to visit 3 attractions. Because of traffic and the many miles between each city, you’ll want to select attractions that are close to each other for a short vacation. That will you won’t be spending the majority of your time racing to each attraction and can instead enjoy your selection.

The bottom line

This pass is a great savings option and should save you and your party a nice amount of money. As long as you plan a little beforehand and make sure not to choose attractions that are far away from each other for a short vacation, then you should be very pleased with your purchase. Also, because the attractions are already very popular and well reviewed, each and everyone is a solid choice.

Where do you purchase your Go California Pass

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Look for “Have a promo code?” in your shopping cart and use the code ‘POT10′ for the exclusive Price Of Travel 10% discount. Discount expires December 31, 2020. The 10% discount is valid on sale prices, so you save even more.

After you purchase your Go California Pass, you’ll receive it in your email. Once you have received that email you’ll then be able to either print it out and take it to your selected attractions with you, or you can download the pass onto the free Go City app and use it straight from your phone at each and every attraction gate.

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