Asia prices

In addition to having more than half the world's population, Asia is home to most of the world's cheapest cities for travelers, along with a few of the most expensive. Almost anything is possible in Asia, and even those on the lowest of budgets can thrive if they know where to go and what to do.

We'll continue adding new cities to this site as time goes on, but for now you can get a close idea of nearly anywhere you might plan to go. Smaller cities that aren't yet on the list below will almost always be at least a little cheaper than the larger cities in the same country.

Asia travel prices


  • Dhaka costs – Crowded, fascinating, and cheap



  • Beijing costs – The rapidly expanding capital near the Great Wall
  • Guilin costs – This is home to the amazing Karst hills and the Li River, which is China's top nature sight for foreign visitors.
  • Shanghai costs – One of the world's most modern cities
  • Xian costs – This is where to come to see the Terracotta Warriors, which are about an hour outside of the city center.

Hong Kong


  • Delhi costs – Crowded and a bit expensive, don't linger here
  • Goa costs – This former Portuguese colony is a thriving beach resort area
  • Mumbai costs – Overwhelming and insane, worth a look for sure


  • Jakarta costs – Indonesia's crowded capital city has a modern center, but most people don't find much charm here.
  • Kuta, Bali costs – This surfer/backpacker village is cheap and probably the worst place to stay on the island


  • Kyoto costs – While Tokyo is the most popular stop for foreign visitors, many also include the smaller Kyoto for its temples and more beauty in general.
  • Osaka costs – More modern and city-like that Kyoto, Osaka is another popular gem for those exploring beyond Tokyo.
  • Tokyo costs – Asia's most expensive city by far is worth it if you can afford it



  • Macau costs – The new gambling capital of the world has a split personality



  • Male costs – The tiny capital island is barely worth a look, so come to the Maldives for its private-island resorts and water villas.


  • Yangon costs – Myanmar's most popular tourist city is now friendly to tourists and things are changing quickly.


  • Kathmandu costs – Nepal's capital is fascinating and cheap, but best used as a quick transit hub
  • Pokhara costs – The tourism center is scenic, friendly, and extremely cheap


  • Boracay Island costs – Boracay Island is the place to relax in the Philippines, although it's not easy to reach.
  • Manila costs – An odd mix of cultures come together in weird ways


South Korea


  • Taipei costs – Exploring Taiwan means a stop in this modern city


  • Bangkok costs – An excellent mix of exotic, old-world, and modern
  • Chiang Mai costs – Thailand's second city is amazingly cheap and interesting
  • Pattaya costs – This beach town south of Bangkok is possibly the prostitution capital of the world
  • Phuket costs – This large island in the south is mostly new resorts


  • Hanoi costs – The country's capital mixes madness and charm for cheap
  • Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon costs – Sprawling and westernized but still worth a look
  • Hoi An costs – The place to have clothes made is an amazing bargain regardless
  • Hue costs – A pleasant central city that disappoints some visitors
  • Nha Trang costs – Vietnam's best large beach city, though not very Vietnamese
  • Sapa costs – Small touristy town in the mountains is a great side trip from Hanoi

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