Cancun prices


100 MXN = 4.92 USD

Cancun hotel prices

Rating Price (USD)
22.00 - 46.00
38.00 - 72.00
40.00 - 115.00
68.00 - 315.00
185.00 - 420.00

Cancun hostel prices

Type Price (USD)
Hostel bed
12.00 - 20.00

Hotel seasons


Hotels in Cancun are at their peak in price and activity during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday weeks, as well as during the Easter vacation weeks in late March and April. The rest of the period from December through April is considered the high season, so starting in May bargains can be had, and during summer you can often get great deals at some of the nicer hotels.

1513256_34_zCancun has exploded in popularity in the recent decade, and it’s now among the most popular winter-travel destinations in the world. It didn’t even exist until the early 1970s, and now it’s lined with hotels and very crowded in season.

While Cancun is definitely cheaper than cities like Los Angeles or Miami, it’s not really the bargain that many people are hoping for. The nicer hotels charge prices that aren’t too far from similar hotels in Hawaii, and hotels lower down the quality range can be disappointing. On the other hand, you can get excellent rates at many of the all-inclusive hotels, especially in the low season, but even during peak periods if you book early enough.

If you are planning on just sitting on the beach during the day and drinking at night then Cancun can fit into a lower budget, but if you are planning on doing water activities where you are renting equipment and such then you’ll discover prices to be quite high. The best deals on food and drinks are the local places (still with English menus) clustered near the main nightlife and shopping area in the Punta Cancun district. Otherwise you might have little choice but to eat at your hotel and pay whatever they charge. If you want to do some of the attractions and especially if you are coming with kids you should read our the Go Cancun Card review.

Food and drink prices can be reasonable though, and especially if you take advantage of the special deals or head into the downtown area.

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Cancun attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Swimming with dolphins A 45-minute swim with the dolphins is very popular here, and expensive. adults 152.34
children 90.99
Cancun Jungle Tour Rent your own private 2-person speedboat with snorkeling gear for a voyage through mangroves. Prices do vary a bit throughout the year. adults 70.56
children 50.07

Cancun transportation prices USD

Taxi from airport to hotel zone 34.47 - 44.31
Shuttle van from airport to hotel zone 5.66 - 9.85
Bus from airport to hotel zone 4.04 - 7.39
3km taxi ride in Cancun 0.98
Bus ride in Cancun 0.52
Bus to Playa del Carmen from airport 9.75

Cancun food and drink prices USD

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast These prices are for cheap meals in the Hotel Zone. If you go Downtown you can eat for far less. 1.97 - 4.92
Budget lunch In the Hotel Zone the best deals are the small local places in the heart of the nightlife/tourist area. 3.45 - 7.39
Budget dinner You might have to look around for reasonably priced places unless you head Downtown, which is probably not worth the savings. 5.91 - 8.86
Beer (.33l bottle) Look out for happy hours and bucket specials to avoid paying the highest prices. The clubs charge double this range. 1.23 - 2.46
McDonalds Big Mac People will criticize you if you say you want a Big Mac in Cancun. 1.92

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Cancun facts

Population 600,000
Metro area 600,000
Time zone UTC-6
Currency Mexican peso
Airports Cancún International Airport (CUN)

Avg temps & precip


weather advise for AmsterdamWeather advice

Cancun has extremely pleasant weather for most of the period from November through March, although it can rain in downpours at almost any time of year. The rainy season runs from May through October, though summers aren’t nearly as rainy as many other tropical places. Ocean breezes keep things nice most of the time, though expect fairly high humidity even during the dry months.

Sunrise and sunset