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10 BGN = 5.85 USD

Sofia hotel prices

Rating Price (USD)
11.36 - 34.09
17.05 - 50.00
25.00 - 60.23
39.77 - 92.05
80.68 - 102.27

Sofia hostel prices

Type Price (USD)
Hostel bed
6.82 - 14.77

Hotel seasons


Hotels in Sofia tend to consider their high season as April through October, with the slowest season being January through March. Prices tend not to change too much most of the year, though some good deals can be found in the upper end of things during the slow months. The city also clears out a bit during July and August, so sometimes you can get good deals at more expensive places during that period.

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Sofia isn’t one of Europe’s most obvious destinations, but it is starting to get noticed by people who want to take a look at what post-Soviet life is like and see the interesting history of this city. Another reason to consider a visit is that it’s one of the cheapest cities in Europe, where even backpackers can afford a bit of luxury.

Most of the main attractions in the city are either free or quite cheap, so once you are here you can get by on very little if your budget is limited. Hotels in Sofia are good value by European standards, though be aware that places on the bottom end of the price range might remind you of the Soviet past. Transportation is also quite cheap, including taxis, though the extensive public transport system should be enough for most people. The Free Sofia walking tour is highly recommended as a quick orientation on your first day.

Food and drinks in Sofia are definitely cheap by European standards, and even quite reasonable compared to other cities in the former Eastern Europe. Fast food and other informal options are abundant and inexpensive, and even sit-down meals are quite reasonable.

Sofia attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral museum This famous orthodox cathedral is free to enter, but there's a small charge to enter the crypt icon museum. adults 3.51
National Museum of History Those interested in the history of Sofia and Bulgaria won't find a better place than this. adults 5.85
Walking tour of Sofia Take a 2-hour guided stroll around the city to see the main sights. You also have the option of a bicycle tours as well. adults 0.00

Sofia transportation prices USD

Taxi from airport to city center 6.43 - 9.36
Public bus from airport to city center 0.94
3km taxi ride in Sofia 2.34 - 3.22
metro/tram/bus ride in Sofia 0.94

Sofia food and drink prices USD

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast If your hotel doesn't include breakfast you've got plenty of affordable local options. 1.29 - 3.22
Budget lunch Cheap pizza-slice and hot dog places are easy to find, or get a local meal for only a bit more. 2.63 - 4.68
Budget dinner Sit-down meals can range greatly in price, but even fancy or trendy places are quite cheap because there aren't many tourists. 5.26 - 9.36
Beer (pint) Several local lagers are very cheap at most places, and only a bit more at restaurants and lounges. 1.61 - 2.92

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Sofia facts

Population 1,400,000
Metro area 1,400,000
Time zone UTC+2
Currency Bulgarian leva
Airports Sofia Airport (SOF)

Avg temps & precip


weather advise for AmsterdamWeather advice

Sofia is in an elevated valley, which helps keeps its climate fairly moderate through the year. Summers tend to be pleasantly warm but rarely steaming hot, and winters do get cold, but snow rarely accumulates. May and June can be a bit rainy, though it’s usually drizzles rather than downpours.

Sunrise and sunset