Antigua prices


10 GTQ = 1.3 USD

Antigua hotel prices

Rating Price (USD)
13.00 - 28.00
20.00 - 41.00
45.00 - 117.00
73.00 - 159.00
141.00 - 201.00

Antigua hostel prices

Type Price (USD)
Hostel bed
5.32 - 10.65

Hotel seasons


Hotels in Antigua are fairly busy through the year, but at their absolute busiest during Holy Week (Easter) so if you are coming around that time it’s best to book way ahead of time. July and August are also busy with so many North Americans on vacation. The period between Christmas and the end of March also tends to be busy all over Central America, and Antigua is no exception.

Low season is generally April through June (except for Easter week), and September through November. If you come during low season then you should have no problem finding a place when you show up.

Antigua is a charming little colonial town that can make you forget the chaos and filth of Guatemala City itself, but once you arrive you quickly notice that this is a tourist town and prices tend to reflect that. Hotels and hostels can be found for low rates, but those seeking luxury have many options at the high end as well.

The local attractions are mostly tours sold from dozens of travel agencies throughout town, and even though they are competitive, prices aren’t as low as you might hope, partly since most of the popular things are a bit of a drive away.

Food tends to be cheap by most standards, though more expensive than most of the rest of Central America. It’s easy to find simple meals at low prices at the places where most of the locals eat, but with so many rich tourists in town it’s also easy to find pricey fare. Beer and tequila drinks tend to be cheap, but beyond that it can be expensive for alcohol in this town.

Antigua attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Volcán Pacaya trip Half-day trips to the base of this active volcano, and then a hike up to the crater, are available everywhere and are very popular. high-end 90.79
low-end 64.85
Cultural walking tour Tour the city with a local to get behind the scenes and learn the colonial history. adults 25.94
Coffee farm tour Another popular trip is to visit the Filadelfia coffee farm on the outskirts of town. During this tour you'll learn how to roast coffee. adults 24.38
Casa Santo Domingo This complex of popular museums and ruins is attached to a hotel. adults 5.19

Antigua transportation prices USD

Taxi from Guatemala City airport to Antigua 41.50 - 50.58
Shuttle from airport to Antigua 7.13 - 11.67
Short taxi ride in Antigua 1.04 - 1.30

Antigua food and drink prices USD

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast There are bagels places and other bakeries that serve cheap breakfasts, though many hotels will include it with your room. 2.72 - 5.19
Budget lunch You'll find casual restaurants with good local food all over the city center. 4.15 - 7.78
Budget dinner Those on a tight budget can always find affordable meals, but spending a bit more can get you a lot. 5.58 - 10.38
Beer (.35l bottle) Gallo is the famous local lager, and a cold bottle tastes mighty good at the many bars in town. 2.33 - 3.63

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Antigua facts

Population 35,000
Metro area 100,000
Time zone UTC-6
Currency Guatemala Quetzale
Airports La Aurora International Airport (GUA)

Avg temps & precip


weather advise for AmsterdamWeather advice

Unlike most of the tropical area that surrounds it, Antigua tends to have a fairly mild climate all year long. Its elevation prevents it from most of the scorching heat that it common in the lowlands, but it doesn’t keep it from warming up nicely even during winter days.

The rainy season lasts from May through October and downpours are common during that period. The city becomes a bit harder to deal with when rains come down hard, so that season is best avoided if you can.

Sunrise and sunset