Sorrento prices

1 EUR = 1.14 USD

Sorrento hotel prices

Rating Price (USD)
20.45 - 36.36
39.77 - 96.59
45.45 - 118.18
56.82 - 176.14
167.05 - 317.05

Sorrento hostel prices

Type Price (USD)
Hostel bed
15.31 - 21.26

Hotel seasons


Summer is full of festivals and shows and thus draws in large crowds of both locals and visitors. Because of this, it’s best to reserve your stay early and be prepared for higher prices.

If you’re looking to have more of a budget minded vacation, consider visiting during the spring and fall where prices are a little lower but the weather is still sunny.

After you’ve seen Rome, Venice, and Florence, you are going to want to base yourself in the lovely town of Sorrento to see many of the remaining important sights. Only an hour from gritty Naples, and 30 minutes from the ruins of Pompei, Sorrento is also your base to enjoy the Amalfi Coast as well as the famous nearby resort island of Capri.


Sorrento has so many great sights nearby that you might forget to just spend time in this town, and that would be a mistake. Look beyond all the shops peddling Limoncello, and you’ll find great restaurants here and much more. It’s all made easier by the fact that most locals seem to speak fluent English, which isn’t the case in most of Italy.

Hotels in Sorrento are quite good value compared to Rome or Venice, and most are walking distance from everything.

Food and drink here are also relative bargains, especially if you enjoy the local pizza and other favorites, along with the local wines and Limoncello.

Sorrento attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Marina Piccola Enjoy the sun and beach along with a swim. Price includes the entrance fee and a deck chair. An umbrella is extra. all ages 9.09
Bicycle Bike rentals are great if you wish to cruise around town and ride the coast. 10 and up 22.73
Pompeii Sightseeing Tour If you love history and want to walk back into time, take a half day trip to Pompeii where you can explore the ruins. There are different tours to choose from. all ages 85.23

Sorrento transportation prices USD

Circumvesuviana train from Naples 4.77
Boat from Naples 13.64 - 14.77

Sorrento food and drink prices USD

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast If your hotel doesn't include breakfast, you'll find nearby coffee "bars" with pastries and such. 3.41 - 7.95
Budget lunch Pizza and sandwiches at modest prices are easy to find, and there is a kebab place near the center as well. 4.55 - 9.09
Budget dinner Sit-down dinners in Sorrento are typical of Italy in that at least two courses are necessary, unless you order a pizza. 9.09 - 17.05
Beer (bottle) Beer in Italy is rarely a bargain, so prices feel weirdly high compared to wine. 3.41 - 5.11
Wine (.5L house wine) Very drinkable house wines are available at bargain prices at every restaurant. 3.41 - 6.82

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Sorrento facts

Population 16,500
Metro area 16,500
Time zone UTC+1
Currency Euro
Airports Napoli-Capodichino (NAP)

Avg temps & precip


Best months to visit

May, June, July, August

weather advise for AmsterdamWeather advice

Each part of the year offers something different. Spring provides great weather along with lemon and orange blossoms. Both spring and fall are great times to visit with mild temperatures and fewer crowds then summer. In summer the temperatures rise a bit and invite many travelers to visit and bask in the sun and dance at the Sorrento Summer of Music Festival.

Winter is also a great time to visit with temperatures staying above freezing and allowing many outdoor events to continue through the winter months.

Sunrise and sunset