Recommended Prague hotels that offer good value

Prague CastlePrague was considered a cheap city not too many years ago, and the truth is that in many ways it's still extremely affordable compared to most other top cities in Europe. The place where it's no longer cheap is the hotel scene. Even though it has over 1,000 hotels, B&Bs, and hostels, putting it in the Top 5 in Europe, prices have gone up considerably in recent years.

The other challenge is that there are hotels spread all over the area, many of which really cut corners and are deceptive about their locations, so it can be tough to figure out where to stay when faced with hundreds of choices.

We've launched our Recommended Hotels program precisely for this reason. Instead of facing many hundreds of choices that may be of dubious quality, we recommend 5 or 6 excellent and top-rated hotels with great locations and that offer good value. By definition, these are popular hotels that can fill up well in advance, yet they each offer very competitive rates compared to hotels nearby that aren't even as nice.

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Basically, these hotels all…

  • Are well located
  • Are very good value in their category
  • Receive among the best reviews in their category

We've spent many hours going through all the factors to choose the places we'd try to book on our own next trip.

6 Highly recommended Prague hotels

Note: Hotel “starting at” prices listed below were the cheapest I could find for each hotel, usually for a single room. It's likely your dates will show higher prices, especially for a double room, but this doesn't mean it's not a great deal. Please compare prices you are quoted to prices of similar hotels and you'll usually find that these are bargains.

Mamaison Residence Belgicka Prague

–Excellent/cheap apartments near central transport–

6193a6a0-570fadfeThose willing to stay a 10- to 15-minute walk outside of the historic city center can get an amazing deal in one of the apartments at Mamaison Residence Belgicka Prague. Ranging in size from studios to differently configured one-bedrooms, you can get a large and modern flat in Prague for a price lower than most hotels that are only slightly closer to the (crowded) city center. Having a kitchen stocked with utensils and access to a laundry room isn't for everyone, but for the price it's a bargain even if you don't use them.

A transportation hub is only a 5-minute walk away so you can get anywhere in Prague on the metro or a tram in a short time and without having to use a taxi. This place gets fantastic reviews and has quite a few repeat guests so it does get full, especially during peak season. Booking well in advance is wise for the Mamaison Residence Belgicka Prague, especially for those specifically interested in a large hotel room if not an actual apartment. All rooms also come with cable TV, a DVD player, free wi-fi, an iron and ironing board, and a bathtub and shower.

Rooms starting at €70 per night
Click to find best rates for the Mamaison Residence Belgicka Prague

Red and Blue Design Hotel Prague

–Modern amenities in a historic building at a great price–

jetsetter-5045-prop-76545-1413385204-src-imageLocated in a historic building that was completely renovated in 2009, the Red and Blue Design Hotel is a unique concept and a very highly rated hotel. There are 52 rooms in total, half of which are the well-appointed “Design” rooms that are quite fancy, and the other half are “Superior” rooms that are larger and also come with a full bathtub and a view.

The hotel has a lift and free wi-fi throughout, and breakfast comes included with each room. The staff are fluent enough in English to help guests with just about anything they need, and the place is notoriously clean throughout. As one of the most highly rated hotels in Prague you'd expect a much higher price for this centrally located and professional hotel. Rates during summer will be higher, but still fantastic value.

Rooms starting at €69 per night, including breakfast
Click to find best rates for the Red and Blue Design Hotel Prague

Unitas Hotel Prague

–Quirky and popular right in the heart of the tourist zone–

ean-271813-2171567_3_b-imageIf you are looking to stay in the absolute center of the tourist zone, but still not at a noisy hotel, then the Unitas will fit you perfectly. It's located in the Old City very near the New Town and the Charles Bridge, so everything, including the train station, is within walking distance, but public transport is steps away as well.

The Unitas Hotel has large rooms with king-sized beds and many modern amenities, including free wi-fi in each room. Nearly every past guest leaves a 5-star review, which is enough to tell you that this place seems to exceed expectations even of those who've seen all the previous 5-star reviews. It's not among the cheapest hotels in Prague, but it's definitely among the best, so its rates are great value all things considered.

Rooms starting at €111 per night, including breakfast
Click to find best rates for the Unitas Hotel Prague

Le Palais Hotel

–5-star hotel with 4-star prices–

cb9d7f34-551ff3d8Located in a quiet and somewhat upscale neighborhood just a bit outside the city center, the Le Palais Hotel is a proper 5-star hotel with all the luxury amenities you'd expect, but at a price of a typical 3-star in most of Europe. It's a 15-minute walk to the historic center of Prague, but the hotel offers a BMW shuttle to take guests back and forth if they like. There are 72 rooms and suites, each with a marble bathroom, a free minibar restocked daily, satellite TV and a DVD player, and tea/coffee-making facilities.

In spite of the affordable prices for a 5-star hotel, the service at the Le Palais gets fantastic reviews as well. The staff speaks fluent English, which isn't true at many Prague hotels, and they are able to give personalized recommendations for unique places to eat or shop. For a romantic weekend or just the novelty of being able to afford a hotel that feels like it's too expensive, this one is hard to beat.

Rooms starting at €176 per night, including breakfast
Click to find best rates for the Le Palais Hotel

Alchymist Residence Nosticova Prague – 5*

–High-rated 5-star boutique hotel with very good rates–

4710fe5f-53da0423Part of a small chain of upscale boutique hotels, the Alchymist Residence Nosticova is located on a quiet street that is very close to the tourist district below Prague Castle, so the location is very central and also calm. This is a proper 5-star hotel with excellent service and totally spotless, so it's ideal for those on a romantic retreat or anyone who doesn't mind paying a bit more for high quality.

The cheapest of the many different room types are the Gothic Deluxe rooms, which are larger than typical hotel rooms themselves, and come with free wi-fi, a safe, and a mini-bar. There are also various suites that get larger, more luxurious, and obviously more expensive as they go up the scale. This is a truly special place that gets rave reviews from nearly all past guests, so it's perfect if you can afford it.

Rooms starting at €168 per night
Click to find best rates for the Alchymist Residence Nosticova

Golden Well Hotel Prague – 5*

–Very central 5-star boutique hotel–

leonardo-1100247-1100247cdms_img_pho_000_nc__571104_Picture___P-imageThe sign out front says “U Zlate Studne” but it's known as the Golden Well Hotel online, and it has a reputation that would be hard to live up to for most hotels. This is currently the second highest rated hotel in Prague according to TripAdvisor, so if you go to read the reviews you'll see that it's showered with praise from every guest. The service gets extremely high marks, but it seems to be the whole experience that gets rave reviews, which is a bit unusual for a boutique hotel.

The location near the base of Prague Castle and a short walk from the Charles Bridge is perfect for those who like to be in the thick of things. The rooms here are all large, and there are two suites that are much larger. There's free wi-fi in all the rooms, but it's the luxury bedding and other detailed amenities that make this place stand out in a city full of nice hotels.

Rooms starting at €199 per night
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4 Responses to “Recommended Prague hotels that offer good value”

Judhajit says:

Hi Roger,

You had helped me immensely with my fist Eurotrip and now it is time for another one. Request your advice.
Time period – 27 Oct to 10 Nov 2018
Places – Budapest, Salzburg, Vienna & Prague
Detailed itinerary:
27 Oct – New Delhi to Budapest
28-30 Oct – At Budapest
31 Oct – Budapest to Salzburg by day train
1-2 Oct – Salzburg & day trip to Wolfgangsee
3 Oct – Salzburg to Vienna
4-6 Oct – Vienna
7 Oct – Vienna to Prague
8-9 Oct Prague
10 Oct – Prague to New Delhi
First questions:
Is it a okay time to travel to these cities?
Is the relative time allocation to each city good?
More to follow …



    All four of those cities are wonderful and I think your timing is good. With 3 nights in Budapest and Prague you should be able to see the highlights. Salzburg is smaller but with the day trip then three days there is ideal. And Vienna is also worth the three days, especially if you are going to see the palaces. It looks like a very good itinerary and I’m happy to help more if you need anything. -Roger

Judhajit says:

Hi Roger,

It took you quite a while to reply and I was getting anxious. Good to hear from you. Thank you for the comment. I do not intend to go into the palaces and museums except the occasional one. My objective is to wander around, eat and drink and just soak in the atmosphere. Hope the itinerary still makes sense.



    If you will skip most palaces and museums then your itinerary will work even better. I mostly mentioned that because the most famous and popular palace in Vienna is on the edge of the city so it takes at least half a day to visit and get back. But the other main palace there is right in the middle of town, so that one you could actually pop into for an hour and then be somewhere else a few minutes later. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger


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