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1 EUR = 1.16 USD

Milan hotel prices

Rating Price (USD)
40.70 - 52.33
45.35 - 98.84
46.51 - 117.44
55.81 - 255.81
139.53 - 418.60

Milan hostel prices

Type Price (USD)
Hostel bed
12.79 - 43.02

Hotel seasons


Hotels in Milan tend to stay fairly crowded all year round, with prices only lowering during the first three months of the year. This is a business city so things can be unpredictable, depending on conferences and trade shows, and weekend deals are sometimes possible. There can be a huge difference between hotels with similar star ratings, so don’t assume you’ll be happy in the cheapest.

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Albergo Salerno

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Queen Hostel

Beds from €26/night

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Milan is not an obvious tourist city, partly since it’s most famous as a fashion and banking capital, and neither of those is really visible to the average visitor in any meaningful way. Still, this is where you come to see the Last Supper mural and one of the most impressive cathedrals in the world.

Hotels and even hostels in Milan can be extremely expensive, depending on the time of year you travel. This is a business city so at times every room can be jammed with well-heeled business people, but a week or a month later there might be great discounts at some of the same hotels.

The main attractions are quite reasonably priced, and there’s plenty of free things to see, but be aware that if you want to see the Last Supper you need to reserve well in advance because access is very limited.

Food and drinks run the gamut, with some excellent northern Italian cuisine being very pricey while pizza and other casual options remain affordable to budget travelers.

Milan attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Milan Duomo roof access This amazing cathedral is the centerpiece of the city. Entry is free, but you do have to pay to go up on the roof. Elevator 18.60
Stairs 9.30
Santa Maria delle Grazie (Last Supper) This is the church that houses the Last Supper mural. Tickets must be bought in advance. adults 11.63
Pinacoteca di Brera This is the premiere Italian art museum in Milan. adults 13.95

Milan transportation prices USD

Taxi from Malpensa to city center 104.65
Taxi from Linate to city center 13.95 - 23.26
Train from Malpensa to city center 15.12
Bus from Linate to city center 1.74
Bus from Orio al Serio to city center 4.65
3km taxi ride in Milan 7.56 - 11.63
Metro, tram, bus ride 2.33
24-hour transport ticket 5.23

Milan food and drink prices USD

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast Most hotels will include a small breakfast. If not you can find similar options nearby in most cases. 3.49 - 6.98
Budget lunch Pizza slices and Middle Eastern food are among the more affordable lunch options. Table service really raises prices here. 4.65 - 9.30
Budget dinner Avoid the Doumo and other touristy areas for good budget sit-down food options. Chinese restaurants can be cheap, if unmemorable. 9.30 - 16.28
Beer (.33l bottle) Draft beer is rare in Milan, but local lager bottles can be reasonable. House wine at restaurants is sometimes a better bargain. 3.49 - 5.81

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Milan facts

Population 1,300,000
Metro area 1,300,000
Time zone UTC+1
Currency Euro
Airports Malpensa Airport (MXP), Linate Airport (LIN), Orio al Serio Airport (BGY)

Avg temps & precip


weather advise for AmsterdamWeather advice

Summers in Milan can get hot and sticky during July and August, but at night things tend to cool down enough that it’s acceptable for most people. Rainfall is steady through the year, and it does snow periodically in winter, though it rarely accumulates much. Spring and autumn are considered the nicest seasons for weather.

Sunrise and sunset