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22 Responses to “Contact Us”

Jim says:

I would like to see Nicaragua get some coverage.

more on Ecuador outside of Quito, too.


bob says:

I wanted to talk with someone. How can I speak with someone to search open destinations and choose the cheapest. I want to take my daughter this winter to the Caribbean (not the Latin American Caribbean) for a week or two and want to ‘explore’ options as to the cheapest from San Diego or LAX all options with one person…Not a general article but to actually BOOK the FLIGHTS NOW with a LIVE agent? Thx

Rashmika says:

I would like to inquire about all the entrance fee about the famous attraction places in Vietnam. Thank you..



    They are all on the individual pages for the Vietnam cities on the site. The good news is that they are all very cheap by international standards. Museums are US$1 to US$2, and ruins like My Son are around US$5. -Roger was founded in 1978 and so I would say they were the first free walking tours. I have been using them since the 90s so Berlin in 2004 is a bit off the mark (now the Euro)



    Thanks for the info, and I’m sure people have been giving free walking tours to visitors for thousands of years. My reference was to the current popular model of regular, daily mass-market city tours based only on tips, which definitely grew out of Berlin.

Anita Zebell says:

3 – Norwegian Cruise Line

7-nights from: $349 (Miami, Florida → At Sea → At Sea → Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Georgetown, Grand Cayman → Cozumel, Mexico → At Sea → Miami, Florida)

Norwegian Cruise Line is famous

pioneering the “freestyle cruising”



passengers can select from a wide range of restaurants and activities and go




rather than on a rigid schedule. This cruise is on the Norwegian Epic, carrying

maximum of 4,200



counts more than 20 freestyle-dining restaurants on board. This massive ship also has extensive





The Freestyle Cruising thing ends

attracting a wide range of passengers,




prefer to dress formally on formal





expect families and older folks along with a lot of romantic couples from all age ranges, primarily from the US and Canada.
Interested in this cruise. Could you give me more details. The cruise would be for 2 adults. Thanks

Lynn says:

Hi! I will be traveling with my my daughter (age 25) and son (age 21) for 9 days beginning May 30th. We wanted to make a stop in the Loire Valley and then the south of France, to Florence, then Venice, then Salzburg, Munich, Frankfurt and then back to Paris. Should we buy a four country pass. I keep reading about the difficulty of using the pass in France. Thank you, Lynn



    I prefer to answer questions like this in the comments of the articles that the question relates to, for example the article on Eurail Passes. But I’ll give you the quick version here.

    It’s true that rail passes aren’t as handy in France because many (but not all) of the more popular routes require a seat reservation fee of over €20 and they limit the number of seats for rail pass users so you have to get the reservation in advance. In your case, I really wouldn’t recommend a rail pass at all, even if seats were cheaper in France. For one thing, the train ride in Italy will be fairly cheap, and most of your other planned rides are quite short so they won’t be too expensive either. In other words, the individual tickets probably would cost less than a rail pass on this route, even if you bought them at the last minute.

    For all of these rides, the earlier you buy a ticket, the cheaper it will be. If you can buy them all online soon, they will be fairly inexpensive, as long as you do it through the official rail websites for each country. All the info and links are at that link just above.

    Also, I feel compelled to mention that Frankfurt isn’t really a tourist city at all. It’s all about banking and business, with few sights. If you have a specific reason to visit, then great. But if you are only thinking about going there because it’s a big and famous city nearby, I’d go somewhere else. I explain more in my article about where to go in Germany, with some other suggestions. Either way, the sooner you buy those tickets, the cheaper they will be. Have a great trip. -Roger

Lily says:

I noticed that the name of Taiwan is followed with “province of China”, and I think it’s not accurate. Is it possible to change the name to Taiwan?



    I would change it if I could, but that name is from a country database that I have no control over, unfortunately. There are a few others I’d change on there as well. Hopefully the Taiwan thing isn’t offensive. -Roger

D. Morin says:

It would be nice if you had a category for people who travel solo and do not want to pay double the price, i.e. cruises, resorts, etc. And not only resorts at a time when most people don’t want to travel there.


Rafidah says:

My husband and I are planning to tour Europe and UK in mid March to mid May 2016. We are considering purchasing the 2 months continuos eurail global pass. We hope to cover all the countries offered minus Turkey. Has anyone done this extensive travel of 28 countries in 2 months ?. We hope to arrive in Paris and start our tours from there. We are in our 50s and we are Malaysians. Your advise on this. Thanks



    I don’t normally answer questions on the Contact Us page, but I’ll give you a short one and you can follow up at the bottom of a real article if you have more questions.

    I wouldn’t recommend trying to visit 28 countries in 2 months, if that’s what you have in mind. I recommend 3 nights for pretty much every stop you make, except for 2 nights in small cities. Imagine if someone was in Bangkok and had a flight out of Singapore two days from now. It would be like telling them to take the train from Bangkok to Penang for one night and then another train from Penang to KL for another night, and then the train to Singapore the next morning to Singapore for their flight home. Is 2 days and 2 stops enough time to see Malaysia? Not really, especially because you’d spend half your time on the train itself. So I’d highly recommend just choosing maybe 20 cities you might want to visit and even that would be a busy two months. Best of luck with whatever you end up with. -Roger

Rajesh says:


I am planning to travel to France-Switzerland-Italy during the coming summers (May-June). I intend to visit the following cities – Paris, Nice, Interlaken, Lucerne, Venice, Florence, Rome and Sorrento. I am planning a trip of approx 18 days excluding the fly in and fly out days.I need help on some of my specific doubts, they are as under :-

1. Please suggest me the number of days to be spent at each of the place. My tentative plan is as under ( in Days) :-

Paris 3

Nice 2

Interlaken 3

Lucerne 2

Venice 1

Florence 2

Rome 3

Sorrento 2

2. I am planning the trip during May-June. What should be the duration to avail the best and and at economical cost.

3. Can somebody suggest me the route after Paris

Option I : Paris-Nice-Interlaken-Lucerne -Venice, and from there move to rest of Italy.

(Advantage I finish off country wise i.e France-Switzerland-italy)

Option II : Paris-Interlaken-Lucerne -Nice-Venice, from there move to rest of Italy.

( Advantage : I am taking the shorter route i.e I am avoiding my triangular move from Paris to Nice and to Switzerland.

3. Is it worthwhile to visit Nice. I have two reasons for my doubt :-

a. My trip is becoming too cramped up.

b. Nice is basically for beaches, however as I shall be going to Florence and Sorrento where I shall have beach locations as sightseing. So is my trip may getting overloaded with beach destinations.

4. Will it be advisable to visit Zermatt from Interlaken.



    I’ll be happy to try to answer your question in detail, but I don’t want to do it in this Contact Us area.

    Please copy and paste the question into the comment section of this thread about Europe itinerary questions and I’ll answer within 24 hours.

    I just want to keep the discussions relevant to the topic of each article. Thanks for understanding. -Roger


Your link to last minute vacations is broken.
Last-minute Caribbean packages on sale now



Help me.

I am completely confused how to plan my first Eurotrip. After having so many discussions on Switzerland, Paris etc. etc., I am at dead end.

Many thanks,

Bonnie Zimmermann says:

Please kindly remove us from your article on cheap and free wine tasting in Napa. We no longer offer free tasting and visitation is by appointment only with an online reservation.

Thank you for your consideration


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