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7 Responses to “Contact Us”

Jim says:

I would like to see Nicaragua get some coverage.

more on Ecuador outside of Quito, too.


bob says:

I wanted to talk with someone. How can I speak with someone to search open destinations and choose the cheapest. I want to take my daughter this winter to the Caribbean (not the Latin American Caribbean) for a week or two and want to ‘explore’ options as to the cheapest from San Diego or LAX all options with one person…Not a general article but to actually BOOK the FLIGHTS NOW with a LIVE agent? Thx

Rashmika says:

I would like to inquire about all the entrance fee about the famous attraction places in Vietnam. Thank you..



    They are all on the individual pages for the Vietnam cities on the site. The good news is that they are all very cheap by international standards. Museums are US$1 to US$2, and ruins like My Son are around US$5. -Roger was founded in 1978 and so I would say they were the first free walking tours. I have been using them since the 90s so Berlin in 2004 is a bit off the mark (now the Euro)



    Thanks for the info, and I’m sure people have been giving free walking tours to visitors for thousands of years. My reference was to the current popular model of regular, daily mass-market city tours based only on tips, which definitely grew out of Berlin.


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