Zagreb prices
10 HRK = 1.77 USD

Zagreb hotel prices

Hotel type
Hostel bed
10.69 - 33.78
33.78 - 40.54
54.05 - 67.57
40.54 - 163.51
62.16 - 170.27
140.54 - 150.00

hotel seasons

Zagreb hotels have a pattern similar to many European resort areas where prices are at their highest during July and August, and the general high season lasts from April through October. Hostels in Zagreb don’t vary their prices much through the year, though you’ll have a much easier time finding a bed or a room during the low season from January through March.

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Not many years ago, Croatia was like the newly discovered alternative to Italy that was less crowded and way cheaper, but things have changed and it’s not terribly cheap anymore. Zagreb is still definitely cheaper than Rome, but now they aren’t very far apart in many respects.

It’s true that the main attractions continue to be either free or fairly cheap, so at least you won’t need to spend a fortune once you arrive, but expenses like transportation can really add up quickly if you aren’t careful. Hotels in Zagreb are still definitely cheaper than similar places in Rome, though during peak summer season they might not seem like bargains. Some Zagreb hostels continue to offer good value to backpacker types, however.

Food and drinks are also cheaper than they are in Italy and yet noticeably more expensive than they were only a few years ago. Unlike many other large European cities, at least it’s not impossible to find modestly priced simple meals. Drink prices aren’t too bad, and there are some happy hour deals around if you look.

Zagreb attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Mimara Museum This large and popular museum houses thousands of examples of classical art and more. adults 7.08
children 5.31
Archaeological Museum A rich collection of ancient treasures from Croatia and elsewhere. adults 3.54
children 1.77
Sightseeing bus tour See all of Zagreb's main sights with an all-day hop-on, hop-off ticket. adults 12.39
ages 7-18 6.19

Zagreb Transportation prices

  Price range
Taxi from airport to city center 35.40 - 56.64
Airport express bus to city center 5.31
3km taxi ride in Zagreb 4.42 - 5.66
Tram/train/bus ride in Zagreb 2.12

Zagreb food and drink prices

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast Your hotel or hostel will probably include breakfast. If not there are plenty of cheap choices. 2.65 - 6.19
Budget lunch Sandwiches and Mediterranean dishes are very reasonable at many places where locals go. Pizza-slice places are cheap and filling. 3.54 - 7.96
Budget dinner Assuming you want to sit down for dinner you'll find prices to be reasonable everywhere as long as you don't eat in a hotel. 5.31 - 10.62
Beer (pint) Local lagers are often on special at pubs around the city. 1.77 - 3.89

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Zagreb facts

Population 800,000
Metro area 1,200,000
Time zone UTC+1
Currency Croatian kuna
Airports Zagreb Airport (ZAG)

Avg temps & precip

Hi F Lo F Precip Inch
Jan 38 25 1.9
Feb 43 28 1.7
Mar 52 34 2.0
Apr 62 41 2.4
May 70 49 3.1
Jun 76 55 3.9
Jul 80 58 3.2
Aug 79 57 3.6
Sep 72 51 3.3
Oct 61 42 2.8
Nov 49 35 3.3
Dec 40 29 2.5

Weather Advice

Zagreb has fairly mild all year long, with warm summers that rarely become scorching, and temperatures cool off nicely at night. Winters do get cold and it does snow, but it rarely accumulates to the point that it could disturb your travel plans. Spring and fall are typically nice with moderate temperatures and rainfall.

Sunrise and sunset

  Sunrise Sunset
21 Mar 5:58am 6:10pm
21 Jun 5:06am 8:50pm
21 Sep 6:41am 6:56pm
21 Dec 7:34am 4:14pm