Dublin prices
1 EUR = 1.39 USD

Dublin hotel prices

Hotel type
Hostel bed
13.89 - 33.33
47.22 - 68.06
68.06 - 173.61
65.28 - 236.11
94.44 - 269.44
188.89 - 694.44

hotel seasons

Since Dublin’s summers are almost always pleasant, the hotel seasons follow the typical North American pattern. The city’s high season is June through August, while Dublin’s low season is November through February, although during Christmas things can get quite full so it’s best to reserve as far in advance for that period as possible.

Outside of summer it’s usually fairly easy to get a room on the spot, but with prices being what they are it’s not surprising that many of the more popular and cheaper places do book up, especially on the weekends since Dublin has become a popular weekend break for other Europeans lately.

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During the famous Celtic Tiger boom in Ireland, Dublin quietly became one of the most expensive cities in the world for tourists. If the euro is strong against your currency then things are even worse.

Hotel bargains are possible and there’s plenty to choose from, including many good hostels with good locations. The tourist area in Dublin is quite compact so be careful of cheap hotels well out of the city or near the airport, as the money you might save likely won’t be worth it.

City tours and some of the more famous attractions are on the expensive side, but things don’t really get out of hand until you start with food and drink. Unlike, say, London, it’s hard to find a simple meal that you’d consider cheap. And even though Dublin now has a reputation as an international party city, be prepared to drain your wallet if you want to participate. Beers here are expensive and everything else is more.

Dublin attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Guinness Storehouse The famous brewery has a slick exhibition that is most popular attraction in Dublin, and includes a free pint at the top-floor bar. Save 10% by buying online. adults 22.92
students 18+ 18.06
6-12 6.94
Kilmainham Gaol This historic prison is a must-see if you are at all interested in Irish history or jails. adults 8.33
seniors 5.56
child 2.78
Dublin Castle Not really a castle, more the official state residence for ceremonies. Price includes guided tour. adults 6.25
students 4.86
child 2.78
SIghtseeing bus tour These hop-on, hop-off buses do the same route and include live commentary. Discounts for booking online. adults 25.00
sen/stud 22.22
5-14 11.11
Viking Splash Tours Similar to the sightseeing bus, but this is amphibious and much more fun and interesting. adults 27.78
sen/stud 25.00
6-12 16.67
National Gallery of Ireland A welcome break to budget travelers, this impressive museum is free, as are daily tours and even audioguides. adults 0.00

Dublin Transportation prices

  Price range
Taxi from airport to city center 27.78 - 41.67
Aircoach bus from airport to city center 8.33 - 9.72
Dublin public bus from airport to city center 3.68
3km taxi ride in Dublin 11.11 - 16.67
Tram or bus ride in Dublin 2.50 - 3.26
All-day tram/bus pass in Dublin 9.58

Dublin food and drink prices

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast Many hotels come with breakfast included. If yours doesn't it shouldn't be too hard to find a quick bite nearby 4.17 - 8.33
Budget lunch There are a few fast-food places around Dublin and those are your cheapest option. Sit-down restaurants are all relatively pricey. 6.94 - 13.89
Budget dinner Dublin is an expensive city for eating out, but at least you've got plenty of options in the main hotel districts. 11.11 - 20.83
Pint of beer A pint of Guinness or just about anything else will be expensive, especially in the Temple Bar neighborhood. 6.25 - 8.33
McDonald's Big Mac A meal deal including fries and a drink will start around €6. 5.49

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Dublin facts

Population 1,700,000
Metro area 1,700,000
Time zone UTC+0
Currency Euro
Airports Dublin Airport (DUB)

Avg temps & precip

Hi F Lo F Precip Inch
Jan 46 37 2.7
Feb 46 37 2.0
Mar 49 38 2.1
Apr 53 40 2.0
May 58 44 2.1
Jun 63 49 2.2
Jul 66 53 2.0
Aug 65 52 2.8
Sep 62 49 2.6
Oct 57 46 2.7
Nov 50 40 2.5
Dec 47 38 3.0

Weather Advice

Dublin has a very mild climate throughout the year, with summer days rarely getting uncomfortably warm and winter days almost always above freezing. Snowfall in the capital is rare, though it does happen on average of a few days each winter.

The climate isn’t particularly rainy either, with the wettest period being the autumn, though it’s pretty consistent throughout the year. When it does rain it usually comes in the form of long drizzles rather than sudden drenching outbursts, so it’s unlikely to ruin your visit.

Sunrise and sunset

  Sunrise Sunset
21 Mar 6:26am 6:40pm
21 Jun 4:56am 9:57pm
21 Sep 7:09am 7:26pm
21 Dec 8:39am 4:07pm