Naples prices
1 EUR = 1.39 USD

Naples hotel prices

Hotel type
Hostel bed
15.28 - 20.83
30.56 - 55.56
40.28 - 115.28
48.61 - 180.56
83.33 - 243.06
194.44 - 416.67

hotel seasons

High season at Naples hotels and hostels usually runs from May through August, but after that prices might only go down a bit, as the low season is really only the first three months of the year. Quality at Naples hotels can be quite variable, so if you are booking at the low end of the spectrum you might be in for an unpleasant surprise.

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Naples has a mixed reputation among travelers, as it’s fascinating and quite different from the tourist cities to the north, but it’s also edgy and often in the headlines for garbage strikes. Staying safe is pretty easy if that’s your priority.

Another part of the appeal of Naples is that things tend to get cheaper the further south you go in Italy (except for Rome itself), so your budget goes a longer way here. Hotels and hostels tend to be much cheaper than elsewhere, though quality can be dodgy and some neighborhoods are not suited to everyone.

A trip out to Pompeii is the highlight for many people, and it’s a fairly cheap day out, and most of the major attractions in the city tend to be reasonable as well. Food and drinks can feel like bargains in Naples if you’ve come from Rome or Venice, but some of the better deals are off the beaten path and away from the tourist zones.

Naples attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Museo Archeologico Nazionale This important archeological museum is filled with items from Pompei and nearby. adults 12.50
EU citizens 9.03
Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte Southern Italy's finest art museum is very popular with tourists. Come after 2pm to save a bit. adults 10.42
Pompeii These Roman ruins outside the city are a must-see. It's a 30-40 minute train ride that is cheap itself. adults 15.28

Naples Transportation prices

  Price range
Taxi from airport to city center 25.00 - 33.33
Alibus Shuttle Bus to city center 4.17
Public bus from airport to city 1.67
3km taxi ride in Naples 7.64 - 12.50
Metro, tram, funicular, bus ride 1.67

Naples food and drink prices

Food type   Price
Budget breakfast Most restaurants include a continental breakfast, but if yours doesn't just follow the locals for affordable options. 4.17 - 6.94
Budget lunch Pizza in its original home is traditional and often quite cheap. 5.56 - 9.72
Budget dinner Southern Italian meals at sit-down restaurants can get pricey, but avoid the tourist district for good value. 8.33 - 13.89
Pizza for one At the popular and casual pizza restaurants you get many options from simple to elaborate. 6.25 - 11.11
Beer (.33l bottle) The local lagers are often fairly cheap at restaurants and casual bars, but more at night clubs. 3.47 - 5.56

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Naples facts

Population 960,000
Metro area 960,000
Time zone UTC+1
Currency Euro
Airports Naples Airport (NAP)

Avg temps & precip

Hi F Lo F Precip Inch
Jan 55 39 4.1
Feb 56 40 3.9
Mar 59 43 3.4
Apr 65 47 3.0
May 73 54 2.0
Jun 79 60 1.3
Jul 85 64 1.0
Aug 85 64 1.6
Sep 79 60 3.2
Oct 71 53 5.1
Nov 63 46 6.4
Dec 57 41 4.8

Weather Advice

Naples has a fairly mild climate all year round, thanks to its location on the Mediterranean. Summers can be a bit steamy during the day, but at night things usually cool off nicely. Except for the May through August period, it can get rainy in Naples, so visits outside that range should be prepared.

Sunrise and sunset

  Sunrise Sunset
21 Mar 6:05am 6:16pm
21 Jun 5:32am 8:38pm
21 Sep 6:49am 7:02pm
21 Dec 7:24am 4:38pm