Zurich, Switzerland Travel Guide

Last Updated: Dec 2023

As picturesque and lovely as it may be, Zurich is tough for travelers on lower budgets. This is definitely a business city with an emphasis on the banking crowd so most everything is geared toward those on liberal expense accounts.

Zurich Facts

Population 370,000
Area 370,000
Timezone UTC+1
Currency Swiss franc
Airports Zurich Airport (ZHR)

Where to eat and drink in Zurich

Budget breakfastHopefully your hotel will include breakfast. Otherwise, look for Migros or Coop markets for cheaper options.$6.82 - $12.50
Budget lunchThere are some ethnic places serving casual meals at decent prices, but most real restaurants charge a lot. Sausages are a good choice here.$10.23 - $18.18
Budget dinnerTake-away options are a bit less, but sit-down restaurants all start in this range for simple meals, without drink.$21.59 - $30.68
Beer (.5L)Even the local lagers are expensive in Zurich restaurants and bars.$7.95 - $12.50
Bottle of wine (retail)With low alcohol taxes, wine in supermarkets can be cheap. $2.27 - $22.73
Beer (.5L retail)Cheapskates can buy warm beer in supermarkets or cold beer from small shops in this range.$0.00 - $2.27
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When to visit Zurich

Temperature and rainfall

Month High F Low F Precip (inches)

Zurich Weather advice

Sunrise and sunset

21 Mar6:27am6:40pm
21 Jun5:29am9:26pm
21 Sep7:11am7:26pm
21 Dec8:10am4:38pm

Where to stay in Zurich

Zurich Hotel Seasons

Zurich Hotel Prices

Rating Price(USD)
starstarstarstarstar59.09 - 79.55
starstarstarstarstar115.91 - 152.27
starstarstarstarstar126.14 - 215.91
starstarstarstarstar140.91 - 253.41
starstarstarstarstar305.68 - 355.68
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Zurich Hostel Prices

Type Price(USD)
Hostel Bed48.86 - 55.68

Getting around Zurich

Zurich Transport prices

Type Price(USD)
Taxi from airport to city center81.82 - 90.91
Airport Express train to city center6.82
3km taxi ride in Zurich22.73 - 32.95
Tram/train/bus ride in Zurich2.27 - 4.55
24-hour tram/train/bus pass5.68 - 9.09
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Where to go before and after