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This site – priceoftravel.com – has been going since early 2010, and I traveled full-time in Asia and Europe for its first 3.5 years. Having already covered so much of what I’ve personally researched and done, I now want to open things up to paid contributions from other travelers on money-related topics.

I’m certainly open to one-off contributions, but I’d also love to find one or more writers who can write on a regular basis, perhaps even in the context of a series. Before launching this site, I was the Content Director at the BootsnAll Travel Network, and I found that the process of working with writers gets faster and more efficient for all parties after the first article or two.

Pay scale

US$50 for articles on shorter/narrower topics (typically less than 1,000 words)
US$100 for articles on longer/deeper topics

I’m open to negotiating higher on these rates based on the pitch. I’ve been a freelance writer myself so I don’t want to insult writers and hope for them to work for pennies “for exposure.” I’ll be happy to include a do-follow link back to your personal blog, but no SEO-oriented links. Some articles are obviously faster to research and write than others, so I'm happy to work on a sliding scale based on each idea and how well it might fit into the site.

Content that I'm looking for

The main theme of the site is the economics of travel, and the backbone are the “City Pages” (London, as an example) that I have for about 120 destinations around the world that outline travel costs in each one (and I'm not really looking to add more of these pages right now). With this data, I've created something called the Backpacker Index, as well as the 3-star Traveler Index (for Europe and Asia only). These allow readers to compare general costs in each city to one another, and the indexes are regularly quoted and linked-to on sites like Smarter Travel, Budget Travel, Huffington Post, Forbes Travel, and many more.

These indexes can be used for other future lists, such as “Cheapest European cities with amazing architecture,” or “Cheapest LGBT-friendly European cities,” etc. The point of lists like these is to rank the best ones by price, so each entry doesn't actually have to qualify as “cheap.” If you have an idea like this, please pitch it to me.

Anything related to travel budgeting is also welcome

I'm open to hearing any pitch that you think might fit into the theme of the site. My preference is for “evergreen” content (articles that remain useful for years) rather than ones about a one-time event.

How-to or How-to-save articles are welcome, even on semi-obscure topics

When I first went to Hanoi I tried to research Halong Bay cruises on the internet, and all I could find were forum posts and crooked travel agency sites, but no solid advice on how much the cruises cost and the best way of booking them. After I did a cruise, I wrote a long post describing how things work and how to save time and money yourself. That post gets search traffic every day, even several years later. I'm interested in your own versions of these things, particularly if there are no good posts out there already on the topic.

  • How to book a cheap Galapagos cruise
  • How to book a cheap Machu Picchu trek
  • How to book a cheap Great Barrier Reef trip

Again, the topics I'm open to can be more obscure than this, as long as they might draw readers over time.

An upcoming series on Cheap Travel Tips for each major city

I'm in the process of launching a new series of posts and the goal is to have one for every major tourist city in the world. I'll do many of the major cities myself, but I'd love to find people with even greater local knowledge to write or at least help with most of them. They should be fairly easy to do once you see the format, so they could be a good opportunity for writers who enjoy such things.

>>>Cheap Travel Tips for London

The idea is to give budget travel advice (rather than just information) to future visitors, in the categories of: Getting there, airport transportation, getting around, best neighborhoods to stay in for cheapskates, cheap city tours (like the free walking tours), cheap and free attractions that are worth time, where to get cheap/good food, and where to get cheaper drinks and entertainment. Once you see the London online you'll get the idea and hopefully you are interested in writing or helping with other cities.

A series on “Cheap day trips from (city)”

Partly based on discussions with a writer, I've decided to launch a series of posts that will be called “Cheap day trips from (city),” starting with mostly major European cities and other biggies elsewhere. There are already similar posts about just about every city you can think of, except they don't include the “cheap” angle, so that will set these apart.

Each article would have 4 to 8 day trip ideas, based on the popularity of the destination and how many worthwhile day trips there are from there. Basically, each article would include the best day trips possible, along with instructions on how to do them cheaply. They should all be accessible by public transportation or by an affordable organized tour if it's inexpensive (For example, you can tour some floating markets near Bangkok for like US$8 on a half-day bus tour, which would be way better than trying to go on local public buses to save a few dollars more.)

If you are familiar enough with any major destination and have the desire to do one or more of these, pitch it to me and we'll agree on the specifics and I will give you formatting instructions.

Family travel, romantic travel, weekend breaks, theme park travel?

As primarily a solo traveler myself, most of the site focuses on backpacking and independent travel, but I'm open to a post or even a series on any other theme, provided it's not insanely obscure.

How to pitch an article or series

My preference is to keep pitches as simple and informal as possible. Rather than spending a long time working up an idea that might not work, I prefer that people just type out a few sentences and I will get back to them quickly with feedback.

Please email me at [email protected] with any questions or pitches.

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