Student airfares to Europe for summer are on sale

Airfares across the North Atlantic are very high this summer as they have been for the last few, so everyone is looking for something a bit cheaper. I’ve written about this before and have had success with it myself on several occasions so I will once again point out that STA Travel offers bargain airfares on many routes for students. And just between you and me, it’s pretty easy to qualify as a “student” even if you are on a little break.

STA Travel has been around for decades and they have a great reputation for prices and customer service, but they don’t offer big discounts on every route. If you have a very specific itinerary in mind then you might have to get a bit lucky to find one of their best deals, but if you are flexible you’ll probably save some money.


Students can save up to 20% on Flights to Europe at

Honestly I’m not sure how it works but they only seem to have discount airfares on certain routes at certain times. So let’s say you are planning on visiting London and Paris this summer and you wanted to start in Paris and you live in Baltimore. You might find a sale fare between Washington DC and London that saves you US$200 on the ticket. In that case you change plans a bit to fly to London first and then book a cheap Eurostar ticket to get to Paris that day or whenever you want.

Being flexible is always the key to saving money and STA usually has sale fares into somewhere on your route. The trick is to check the airfares on major sites like or and then check the same flights on STA Travel on the above link. In many cases STA Travel will be the same price or even a bit higher, but often they’ll have a cheap one that you can jump on quickly.

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