South America prices

South America is often explored as a circuit, with few people taking in just a single city and then leaving again. It offers good value for nearly everyone, with prices almost everywhere quite a bit lower than in North America and Europe.

Some of the larger and more famous cities like Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires can be pricey in places, but even the smaller cities nearby those can be quite cheap. If you are looking for a beach resort or colonial city to explore your money will go a long way if you look around a bit before committing.

We'll be expanding our South America coverage soon, so check back if you don't see what you are looking for now.

South America prices


Bariloche costs

Buenos Aires costs – A very European city known for beef and nightlife

El Calafate costs

Mar del Plata costs

Mendoza costs


La Paz costs – Gorgeous and traditional for those who like high altitudes


Recife costs

Rio de Janeiro costs – The world's most beautiful setting has plenty going for it

Sao Paulo costs


Santiago costs – A large and busy gateway to other charms in Chile

Valparaiso costs


Cartagena costs – Colombia's busiest tourist city is a great value

Medellin costs


Quito costs – Not easy to reach but a lot to like once you get there


Cusco costs – The staging ground for all Machu Picchu trips is worth a week on its own

Lima costs – A big city with nice beach areas and good food


Montevideo costs – Like a smaller and poorer version of Buenos Aires, but still worth a look

Punta del Este costs


Caracas costs – Insanely expensive unless you get money on the black market, and extremely dangerous as well

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