Save US$25 extra on student airline tickets

In the days before the internet dominated travel bookings, younger people could actually get really nice discounts on flights through the STA Travel agency, and it turns out they still can. When I did a RTW trip in 2005 I was fortunate enough to qualify for a “teacher” card with STA Travel and I saved hundreds of dollars on a few of the more complicated legs of my trip.

The news gets even better because to raise awareness STA Travel is offering US$25 off qualifying Student flights that are at least US$500.

>>>Save $25 on all Student Exclusive tickets with a base fare of $500 or more.

It’s good to be aware that STA Travel has the cheapest fares on many routes, but definitely not on all of them. Some people complain that STA has become a rip-off but that is unfair because many people continue to get bargains through them.

I got a flight from Guatemala City to Lima with a 5-day stopover in Costa Rica for about $200 less than the next cheapest flight I could find, even if I skipped the Costa Rica part. Similarly I got an amazing deal going from Buenos Aires to Lisbon with a 9-day stopover in Rio de Janeiro.

Check STA and compare to other sites

If you are a student or can qualify for a teacher and you are shopping for a flight that will cost at least US$500 you’d be crazy not to check STA Travel. Using this offer you can get US$25 off so it’s a good deal even if the price is the same as through Kayak or Momondo. But if they have the best fare already this extra discount is even better.

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