Save an extra 5% off low-priced Europe hotel rooms with this code

I’m posting this deal and special promo code, partly because I’m going to be using it myself on a long Europe trip in the coming months. You may not have heard of, which is based in Italy and has been fully owned by Expedia since 2008, but you should know about them. Venere has excellent coverage of Europe hotels and they also offer the best rates of any online travel agency. The only site that comes close is (owned by Priceline), but for the rest of the year Venere has an advantage because they are offering an extra 5% discount on hotels.

The short version: already has the best prices on Europe hotel rooms, and with the code below you save 5% more.

Save 5%

Save 5% on your booking with the code CJ5VENERE

The timing for me personally is perfect because I am going to spend almost 4 months in late 2014 going from one hotel to another on a long research trip. What I typically do is check for hotel rates on and then when I choose a property I see which site Kayak is sending me to for the cheapest price. In Europe, is usually the cheapest or tied for the cheapest, so I book with them a lot as it is.

Now I’ll do the same thing, but I’ll be booking with Venere in almost every case because the 5% will almost always make them cheapest. My guess is that Venere is just trying to raise awareness among non-European consumers (they are already well known in Europe), so they are taking 5% out of the commission they earn for each booking for the publicity. If you find a lower price elsewhere, take it, but this is going to be the best deal most of the time, at least through the end of 2014.

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