Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel Guide

Last Updated: Dec 2022

Having recovered from the mid-90s wars, Sarajevo is still struggling a bit to attract tourists, although those who make it tend to rate the experience very highly. Among its other charms, the city is one of the cheapest in Europe, so it’s not a bad place to relax in between expensive destinations.

Sarajevo Facts

Population 320,000
Area 440,000
Timezone UTC+1
Currency Euro-pegged convertible mark (KM)
Airports Sarajevo International Airport (SJJ)

Where to eat and drink in Sarajevo

Budget breakfastIf your hotel doesn't offer breakfast you can find cheap options nearby.$2.17 - $3.26
Budget lunchLocal pita sandwiches can be very cheap, but there are many other options, including cheap and good pizza. $4.35 - $7.61
Budget dinnerAvoid hotel restaurants and you can have a sit-down meal for very little in Sarajevo. The Old City is filled with cheap options.$6.52 - $10.87
Beer (.5l)The local lager (Sarajevsko) is cheaper than imports, but all beers and most other drinks are inexpensive.$2.17 - $3.26
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When to visit Sarajevo

Temperature and rainfall

Month High F Low F Precip (inches)

Sarajevo Weather advice

Sunrise and sunset

21 Mar5:47am6:00pm
21 Jun5:04am8:32pm
21 Sep6:33am6:45pm
21 Dec7:17am4:12pm

Where to stay in Sarajevo

Sarajevo Hotel Seasons

Sarajevo Hotel Prices

Rating Price(USD)
starstarstarstarstar16.30 - 29.35
starstarstarstarstar30.43 - 39.13
starstarstarstarstar35.87 - 72.83
starstarstarstarstar40.22 - 88.04
starstarstarstarstar65.22 - 89.13
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Sarajevo Hostel Prices

Type Price(USD)
Hostel Bed7.61 - 13.04

Getting around Sarajevo

Sarajevo Transport prices

Type Price(USD)
Taxi from airport to city center14.13 - 16.30
Public bus from airport to city center2.17
3km taxi ride in Sarajevo6.52 - 8.70
Tram or bus ride in Sarajevo2.17
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Where to go before and after