San Juan, Puerto Rico Price Guide

Last Updated: Jan 2022

Puerto Rico can be a mixed bag when it comes to pricing. Some places, dining options, and hotels are cheap, while others are very expensive. Though this is good in that you have lots of price point options, San Juan can be surprisingly expensive, even in the off season. This is because the weather here is ideal pretty much all year long, attracting lots of northers looking to escape a cold, snowy winter.

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San Juan Hotel Prices

Rating Price(USD)
starstarstarstarstar18.00 - 40.00
starstarstarstarstar52.00 - 181.00
starstarstarstarstar98.00 - 217.00
starstarstarstarstar152.00 - 236.00
starstarstarstarstar391.00 - 540.00

San Juan Hostels Prices

Type Price(USD)
Hostel Bed12.00 - 27.00

San Juan Attractions Prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Pelican Cove Snorkel TourA single admission covers both the Castillo San Cristóbal and the Castillo San Felipe del Morro, both located in Old San Juan.
Kayak RentalsRent your own kayak for a day and test the waters, view the coastline and enhance your skills.
all ages
Windsurfing lessonsLearn the basics of windsurfing before catching some air.
12 and up

San Juan Food and drink prices

Food Type Description Price(USD)
Budget breakfastYou'll have to follow some locals away from your hotel to find cheap breakfasts.4.00 - 8.00
Budget lunchStreet options with pork and plantains are some of the better budget lunches. Hotel restaurants will charge much more.5.00 - 9.00
Budget dinnerFinding cheap sit-down meals in San Juan can be a challenge. Get out of the hotel zone for better value.8.00 - 15.00
Beer (.33l bottle)A bottle of Medalla can be cheap in a few spots, but you have to look for them.1.00 - 5.00

transportation prices

Type Price(USD)
Taxi from airport to city center15.00 - 25.00
3km taxi ride in San Juan7.00 - 10.00
Ferry ride0.00
Bus ride in San Juan0.00