– What’s the idea behind this site?

There are hundreds of thousands of travel blogs and travel guide sites out there, so why another one?

The idea of this site is simple: If you are thinking about going somewhere there are at least two major questions you have to ask yourself – How much will it cost, and what will the weather be like? will answer both of those questions all in one place, with all the information never more than one click away.

If you spend any time on travel message boards you’ll always see the question come up: How much money do I need to visit that place? The answer is always the same: It depends.

So the goal here is to let you figure out your own budget for any major tourist city in the world, and compare destinations with each other to make your own itinerary decisions. As you certainly know, some cities cost three or four times more than others once you arrive.

And since it’s also a factor and it was easy to include, we’ve added monthly average temperatures and rainfall, plus a general summary of what to expect from the weather.

Now featuring over 100 cities on 6 continents, each page will keep adding new prices and information as the site builds into 2011.

Features of each page

Each city will include:

  1. Accommodation prices – From hostel bed to 5-star hotel room
  2. Hotel seasons – Which times of year are beds/rooms most and least expensive?
  3. Attraction prices – How much do all the most famous attractions cost?
  4. Transportation prices – We tell you prices of airport taxis, trains, and buses, plus prices for in-city taxi rides and public transportation options.
  5. Food and drink prices – Each city will include the typical price of a budget breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as local specialties, beer, wine, and more.
  6. Miscellaneous costs – Where appropriate, how much do cigarettes cost, a load of laundry, and so forth?

Plus weather information:

  • Monthly high and low averages in F or C (click the small link to change)
  • Monthly precipitation averages
  • General seasonal weather advice
  • Sunrise/sunset times for March, June, September, and December

Choose your currency

In version 1.0 the site first shows all prices converted into US dollars, but on the top-right you’ll find a drop-down menu where you can switch the prices into any major currency in the world, including the local currency for the destination in case you want to take notes for when you arrive.

Completed pages to check out

Each destination page will continue to add new things, but for now we’d like you to check out some pages that are furthest along so you can get an idea of how this works.

Future developments

Once the initial data is collected, we’ll begin producing regional summaries, country summaries, and much more. We’ll also be compiling all of the information to tell you what are the world’s cheapest and most expensive travel destinations, as well as world’s cheapest beer, most expensive taxi prices, and many more features that highlight the economics of world travel and help you decide where and when you can afford to go.

Any comments or suggestions?

If you have anything to say about this project we’d love to hear it. Please write to [email protected].

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