Price of Travel has launched a travel deals and coupon codes blog

Everyone likes to save money on travel, and particularly readers of a site like this that focuses on value and prices. We did a major redesign of the entire Price of Travel site late last year, and one of the new features we added was a Travel Deals Blog. At the moment I’m only adding one or two new deals per week, but as the busy summer travel season approaches I’ll be shooting for 3 per week as long as they are worthwhile.

By now we all know where to look for low airfares and cheaper hotel rooms, but at the same time there are still new companies and special promotional sales that pop up that most people never know about. With this in mind I’ve decided to highlight the best of these that I think will be useful to this audience. Here are some examples of recent deals that are still valid.

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Look for the 5 most recent deals under the green header in the right column on every page of this site.

Save money and help us out at the same time

Being honest, part of the motivation for starting a Travel Deals Blog is that I can earn a small commission on many of these deals, which helps keep this site online and updated with new content. But it’s also because I now get early access to special sales and promotions that most travelers never hear about.

I’ll be posting as many coupon codes as possible because it’s always frustrating when you are about to make an online purchase and you see that Coupon Code box without having a code. You are suddenly aware that someone is getting a discount, so you feel like you are overpaying if you don’t have a code. Even searching the internet often doesn’t turn anything up, because short-term discounts are usually over before they are indexed.

Fortunately, there are a few permanent discounts that I have access to, or at least ones that are valid for the whole year, so I’ll be posting those in the coming weeks along with whatever new stuff pops up.

There are also good specials out there for European train tickets and some other categories where discounts are unusual. If you have any requests for types of promotions and discounts (hotels, hostels, cruises, flights, rental cars?) to highlight, please contact me at [email protected].

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