12 Best Asia destinations in June of 2017

Most of us from North America or Europe could easily assume that June is a perfect weather month for just about anywhere in Asia, but that is far from the truth. June is part of the rainy season in much of the Tropics, so figuring out where you should go this month could be tricky.

The good news is that the rainy season doesn’t start until later in the year in some of the best Asia destinations. The hottest month is actually in April in the warmer areas closer to the equator, and by the time June rolls in you start to get afternoon cloud covers that make it cooler and nicer. Read below for the 12 best places for a trip to Asia in June. Click to read more

23 Cheapest European cities and airports to fly into in 2017

Budapest RiverviewSo many of us starting in the US or Canada will be visiting multiple cities when we tour Europe that we have the luxury of flying into several different destinations. But with the airline business changing so rapidly, how do we know which are the cheapest cities to fly into?

Not too many years ago the cheapest flights into Europe were almost always into the largest and busiest airports, which are in London, Frankfurt, Paris, and Amsterdam, but times have changed. Now those are sometimes the most expensive airports to fly into within Europe, so savvy travelers on multi-stop trips are better off starting elsewhere. The cheapest international flight destinations from the USA are largely in Latin America, but many of them are also the top cities in Europe. Click to read more

22 Best Europe destinations in July for 2017

July is the single most crowded month in many of Europe’s cities, but still the top places such as London, Paris, and Rome are still worth a visit if you are planning a trip this time of year. The long days and warm weather make up for some of the hassles you might face, and with a bit of research you can often find less crowded areas that are not far from the center.

The July days in some of the southern countries such as Spain and Greece can feel overwhelming, so it’s really better to save those places for earlier or later in the year. And some cities can actually be less crowded than in other months because so many office workers take the whole month off. Here are our 22 picks for places to go in Europe in July. Click to read more

22 Cheap destinations for 2017 with great weather in July

July can be a tricky month to find cheap vacation destinations since nearly all of the obvious ones are packed with families on summer holidays. The good news is that there still plenty of good options out there, including the Caribbean and some other places in the Tropics.

American families who can get away in June or late August can find lower prices and smaller crowds. It can be tricky for Europeans who typically get the whole month of July (or August) off, as those flights around the first of the month can be pricey. Still, there are some places to consider, including a few surprises, so below are 22 (relatively) cheap destinations that have nice weather during July. Click to read more

9 Best first-time Europe itineraries for 1, 2, or 3 weeks

Nearly everyone who wants to visit Europe for the first time is determined to see at least a few different places on that trip. Many people make the mistake of thinking they can maximize what they see by going from one city to the next every day or two, but that is actually a better way of getting to know Europe’s trains and train stations than it is of enjoying Europe.

Hopefully you have more than a week for your first visit, as even 10 days is far better than just the 7 since you are likely coming from a long way in the first place. The longer you have the better your trip and the more you’ll get to see, but racing from place to place isn’t as fun as you might assume. Below are 9 starter itineraries of about a week each. Choose the one that sounds most interesting to you, and build from there with your remaining time. Click to read more

23 Europe All-inclusive resort destinations from cheapest to most expensive

The concept of an “all-inclusive resort” where all meals and even all drinks are included in the daily room rate, was evidently launched by the Club Med group only in 1950. Ever since then, the concept has exploded in popularity, with thousands of such hotels and resorts all over the world. Many people immediately think about the Caribbean when it comes to all-inclusive resorts, but Turkey, Spain, and Greece each have more all-inclusive properties than the Dominican Republic or Mexico, which are the Caribbean leaders.

We publish and update a popular list of the cheapest Caribbean all-inclusive destinations each year, and we wanted to do the same for those who want to stay in or near Europe. Most of these destinations have their best weather from May through September, although some of them have even longer seasons. Click to read more

20 Best Europe destinations in June for 2017

The month of June is obviously very popular for Europe trips, and the weather is nearly perfect on the whole continent. You can even visit some of the more popular beach destinations without being overwhelmed by the local Europeans who book everything during July and August. June is actually one of the busiest months in cities like Paris and Rome, but still not so busy that you should avoid them.

Below we list the 20 best destinations in Europe for a June visit, along with reasons why each one is a top pick this month. Many of them are also close enough together that you can easily string them together into a little Europe tour of your own. Train rides of up to about 5 hours are generally wonderful and very scenic, not to mention faster than flying as well. Click to read more

The 13 Best-value cities in Europe for budget travelers in 2017

Every year we update our Europe Backpacker Index for 2017, which ranked 56 European cities by price, comparing the same set of basic budget-travel expenses in each one. While it may be interesting to see which are the cheapest and most expensive cities in the continent, choosing where to go involves more information.

Needless to say, just because a city is cheap doesn’t mean you should go there, and just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean you should avoid it. With that in mind we’ve rated the region by value with this list of 31 cities where the prices of things are most worth it. Click to read more

16 Cheapest Asia cities to fly into from the US

UnitedHongKongAs more people from the United States and Canada come to realize the amazing travel bargains and opportunities all over Asia, more of us are going. One of the challenges is that it’s such a huge part of the world and there are so many very different options. Especially if you plan on visiting more than one country, it can be confusing where to start and where to end.

The good news is that most of the flights from the US and Canada are probably cheaper than you’d guess, at least as long as you know about typical international airfares. Even though part of Asia (India, specifically) is literally on the opposite side of the world from the US and Canada, fares are often cheaper than much shorter flights to Europe.

We decided to run tests to see which cities are the cheapest for round-trip flights starting in the United States, and the results are below. Click to read more

Where to go in England, Scotland, and Wales in 1, 2, or 3 weeks

If you are reading this article it’s probably because you are interested in where you should go after London on a visit to the island of Great Britain. London deserves its reputation as one of the world’s great cities, but increasingly London has very little to do with the rest of the island.

Nearly all of the island of Great Britain (usually called just ‘Britain’) is green with rolling hills and gorgeous landscapes. Going from place to place you’ll have a chance to see a lot of that outside the train window, so you’ll be able to visit other worthwhile towns AND see the wonderful scenery along the way. Click to read more