North America prices

North America has its main tourist cities so far apart that touring more than a couple of them can be complicated. It makes things a bit easier to know that within the United States and Canada the general prices for most things the traveler needs don't change much, except for perhaps hotel rooms in New York City and Washington DC, which can be astronomical if you aren't careful.

Another helpful thing is that, unlike parts of Europe, it's always possible to find cheaper food and drinks for those on the tightest budgets. Even in New York City you can stay at a hostel and eat & drink at places where locals go and keep your expenses fairly low.

North America travel prices


Montreal costs – Beautiful and famously European city that should not be missed

Toronto costs – Canada's largest city is incredibly fun and well organized for visitors

Vancouver costs – Asian influences are noticeable, and if you come during summer you won't want to leave


Cancun costs – Mexico's largest resort area also has cultural sights nearby

Cozumel costs

Los Cabos costs

Mexico City costs – The sprawling capital has a very compact and delightful city center

Playa del Carmen costs

Puerto Vallarta costs

United States

Boston costs

Chicago costs – Often underrated but definitely worth a visit for many reasons

Honolulu costs – The one huge city in Hawaii has resorts but other places are much nicer

Las Vegas costs – As long as you can control your gambling this mind-blowing city is great value and a must-see

Los Angeles costs – Sprawling, frustrating, and fascinating, you have to see it yourself at least once

Miami costs – The international playground of rich Latin Americans plus other party people

New Orleans costs – Unlike anything else in the US, with some of the best food and good value

New York City costs – Overwhelming and electrifying, everyone needs to try it once, even if not everyone loves it

Orlando costs

San Francisco costs – Gorgeous and unusual city with great food and interesting culture

Washington DC costs – Massive contrasts and many high prices, but most attractions are free so it balances out

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