New student flight and hostel discounts with these coupon codes

If you are a student or even a teacher, hopefully you are aware of STA Travel, which is the largest and most famous travel agency for academic discounts. When I was doing my first RTW trip in 2005 I was able to buy a Teacher Card through STA (even though I didn’t technically do much teaching) and I got some amazing discounts on one-way flights.

It seems they are hoping to introduce more people to the concept by offering some new discounts, which go on top of their already-low fares and hostel prices. To be honest, they don’t offer the absolute lowest fares on every flight, but particularly for one-way flights and international flights that aren’t part of the usual tourist scene, they often have spectacular deals.


SAVE $10 on any STA Exclusive Ticket with a minimum base fare of $250 when you use promo code LOVE2TRAVEL at!

SAVE 10% on STA Hostels & Hotels with promo code HOTEL2013 at!

NOTE: At press time the links above seem to go to the page for the Student and Teacher Discount cards, which you don’t need to use the coupons. So if you don’t want to buy the card, just click on the FLIGHTS or HOTELS link and then use the coupon codes normally. They do work.

Some people criticize STA Travel because they don’t actually offer the lowest fares for every flight everywhere, and it is critical to compare airfares and hostel prices elsewhere first. If STA’s price is higher then obviously book elsewhere, but even if STA’s price is the same you can probably use these coupon codes, and if STA does offer a big discount like they often do, these codes are just icing on the cake.

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