Nairobi, Kenya Travel Guide

Last Updated: Jan 2024

Nairobi is one of the largest cities in Africa and is continuing to grow at a rapid rate. The mix of old and new buildings can be quite a stunning contrast. As one of the main flight entry points to East Africa, it’s worth considering a few days in the city to visit some of the attractions and experience Nairobi’s culture. However, it’s important to note that Nairobi is significantly more expensive than other East African cities.

Why Visit Nairobi

Nairobi Facts

Population 3,400,000
Area 3,400,000
Timezone UTC+3
Currency Kenyan Shilling
Airports Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO)

Where to eat and drink in Nairobi

Budget breakfastThere are street vendors and small local cafes that cater to both local residents and tourists$2.29 - $4.17
Budget lunchThere are street vendors and small local cafes that cater to both local residents and tourists$3.61 - $6.25
Budget dinnerSmaller, local restaurants and bars are great options for a sit down dinner$5.28 - $8.33
Beer .5LMost East African beer is sold in .5L bottles. Imported beer costs significantly more when available$1.39 - $2.43
Soda and waterTap water isn’t safe to drink, but you can easily buy water and sodas at any small shop$0.42 - $0.56
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When to visit Nairobi

Temperature and rainfall

Month High F Low F Precip (inches)

Nairobi Weather advice

Sunrise and sunset

21 Mar6:37am6:43pm
21 Jun6:33am6:36pm
21 Sep6:23am6:29pm
21 Dec6:25am6:37pm

Nairobi Hotel Seasons

Nairobi Hotel Prices

Rating Price(USD)
starstarstarstarstar16.66 - 34.72
starstarstarstarstar27.97 - 50.92
starstarstarstarstar35.86 - 50.20
starstarstarstarstar44.47 - 76.75
starstarstarstarstar100.41 - 166.40
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Nairobi Hostel Prices

Type Price(USD)
Hostel Bed9.89 - 12.73

Getting around Nairobi

Nairobi Transport prices

Type Price(USD)
Taxi from airport to city center10.42 - 13.89
3 km taxi ride in Nairobi4.86 - 6.94
Matatu/bus ride in Nairobi0.07 - 0.28
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Where to go before and after