Montego Bay: Why it might be the best Caribbean destination for you

Montego Bay, Jamaica is a prime Caribbean destination for many reasons. Aside from its beautiful sandy beaches visitors will find first class golf courses, affordable yet classy accommodations, high end shopping, calm water activities and a strong Rastafarian culture that is both welcoming and educational.

Perhaps even more welcoming is the fact that Montego Bay has a large and busy airport with direct inbound flights from a wide variety of places. This means flights tend to be cheap compared to other Caribbean islands, and travel time to your resort is short so it’s also ideal for long weekend visits.

The five reasons below alone are enough to make anyone buy a ticket, catch a plane and fly to paradise.

You'll find high-end boutique hotels and resorts at affordable prices

For many visitors, one of the most important aspects of a vacation is the accommodation and thus, its nightly rate. For those wishing to visit Montego Bay, you’ll quickly find out that the accommodation factor is often the easy one. Here you’ll find several different options available with most being extremely affordable.

Boutique hotels offer a more relaxed environment that is well suited to all, including families. If you’re looking for more to do in one area, you’ll quickly find that you can have it all, while saving money, at many of the resorts found on and off the beach.

Montego Bay offers several well known golf courses to chose from

Known as one of the premier golf destinations in the Caribbean, Montego Bay sports golf courses worthy of kings and queens. Here you’ll find rich green grass, calm winds and highly sought out views of mountains and the ocean. One of the better known golf courses rests on the grounds of a former sugar plantation and is dotted with agriculture ruins such as old mills.

There are even a few golf courses located within resorts, adding ease to the game. If you’re hungry, make sure to check out some of the local restaurants found either on the course or close by.

Montego Bay is a jewelry lover's paradise with several high-end stores

When most people think of Jamaica they picture beaches, resorts, waterfalls and great rum. But what about high end shopping?

For the lovers of jewelry out there, Montego Bay welcomes you with store after store of both classic and modern luxury jewelry within close distance of your resort or hotel. These stores carry earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and other accessories at affordable prices.

An added bonus? There are even a few duty free shops that also specialize in and carry luxury jewelery and watches.

Montego Bay's Rastafarian culture is strong, great for Bob Marley fans

For those who love good reggae music and a little Rastafarian culture, you’ve come to the right place. Montego Bay is not only home to Bob Marley’s birthplace, but also his house and the Bob Marley Museum. Inside the museum, located at his childhood home, you’ll find his Land Rover, hammock, herb garden and several pieces of memorabilia collected by the man himself such as newspaper clippings. The tour wouldn’t be complete without a film showing of Bob Marley’s life in his old Tuff Gong recording studio.

If you’re not interested in a tour, you’ll still find a strong Rastafarian vibe in many of the restaurants and shops around town.

There are many relaxing activities available such as guided calm water rafting in Montego Bay

Montego Bay is full of river adventure with river tubing, river kayaking and white water rafting. But if you’re looking for more of a peaceful trip down the river, you’ll find exactly that with Bamboo rafting. Instead of fighting the currents and rapids, you’ll be treated to an afternoon of leisure while enjoying the views of the river and it’s shoreline as your guide gently takes you down the river and back.

This is a great activity for all types of travelers, including families. You’ll also be able to bring a packed lunch and drinks.

Photos by Flickr users DubdemSarah Ackerman and Fevi.

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