Middle East prices

Much of the Middle East has a reputation problem in the wider world, but some places, notably Dubai, have been thriving in spite of that. This area is so filled with history and tradition that it's hard to ignore, and those who make the trip are rarely regretful.

Prices of things in the Middle East vary greatly from one city to another, though at the same time it's true that people on backpacker budgets can always find ways to get by if they are clever about things.

We'll be adding more Middle East destinations soon, so check back.

Middle East travel prices


Tel Aviv costs – Israel's big beach city is expensive but getting more popular


Amman costs – An interesting city that is used for a staging ground for trips to Jordan's main sights


Beirut costs – Fascinating and edgy for those who are bold enough to check it out

United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi costs – The capital of the UAE and much more compact than Dubai, Abu Dhabi is well worth a visit

Dubai costs – This fascinating experiment is sprawling and amazing

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