London Eye discounts: Save 10% to 20% by booking online

When it first appeared on London’s skyline in early 2000, most people thought the London Eye (or Millennium Wheel as it was often called) was an ugly eyesore, but in the years since it’s impossible to imagine the city without it. Not only does it seem to fit in beautifully with the classic architecture of the city, but it’s also by far the most popular way for tourists and even locals to enjoy the scenery.

One unfortunate thing about the London Eye is that it’s not cheap to ride. The least expensive tickets are around £20 per person, and if you want to reserve a time and skip the queue or get any of the other options, the price gets higher. The good news is that you can and should save 10% to 20% by buying online at the link below. Especially in summer, the ticket queue can be very long, so only a sucker would waste all that time while paying more than they have to anyway.

London Eye Tickets

London Eye Tickets: Save 10 to 20% here

If you’ve ridden a traditional Ferris wheel at a carnival you might assume that the London Eye works the same way. It doesn’t. The London Eye doesn’t have seats, but rather it has 32 air-conditioned capsules that hold as many as 25 people each. And instead of moving quickly and then spending a long time shifting passengers off and on, the London Eye moves slowly, taking 30 minutes to do a full revolution. This way, each capsule is on the ground long enough to empty out and fill back up again with no panic. So one ticket gets you one full 30-minute revolution, although some packages allow for a second trip after dark for only a bit more.

The other thing to be aware of is that there are about 10 different types of tickets. The cheapest is the Standard Ticket, which costs £17.28 (£11.07 for ages 4 to 15) after the discount. It’s good for one revolution without having to wait in the ticket line, but those who pay for the more expensive tickets will have reservations or priority boarding, meaning the Standard queue only moves when there are no premium ticket people waiting. Cheaper tickets are generally available early morning or late evening, and during weekdays.

The best option if you qualify is for the Family Ticket, which is reduced to £50.40 for a family of four, which is 20% off the normal price of £63.00. In this case a second child goes for only a bit more than two adults and one child. All discounts and explanations are available at the link above.

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