Italy prices

When asked where they'd like to move to or visit, huge numbers from around the world choose Italy. Sure, there are some frustrating things about the country, but there's so much more to make up for it that nearly everyone vows to come back after their first trip.

Unfortunately, Italy can be on the expensive side, even for Europe. Tiny Venice, which has been a tourist city for over 400 years, is understandably pricey because space is so limited and getting things in and out is complicated. But Rome is also quite expensive, so it's wise to do some research if you are on a modest budget.

Florence can be cheaper, as can Naples and everything in the southern part of the country, including Sicily.

We'll be adding more cities in France in the near future, so check back.

Italy travel prices

Florence costs – In the heart of Tuscany you'll find this classic city with a compact city center and plenty of world-class attractions.

Milan costs – This fashion and banking capital is famous, but not on everyone's itineraries in spite of its unique charm.

Naples costs – Anyone willing to go south of Rome will be happy to stop in this city that doesn't have the best reputation.

Rome costs – Sprawling and frustrating at times, this city is the highlight for many, though not everyone wants to come back.

Venice costs – The common advice is so true here, that spending at least one night in Venice proper is the best way to appreciate its charms and not get dragged down by the massive crowds of fellow tourists.

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