How good would a cruise have to be at US$197 million per night?

Recently while doing research to determine the cheapest cruise lines in the Caribbean, I came across a group of Celebrity Cruises on Expedia that were offered at a bit over US$197 million per night. That price seems quite high to me and it might have been a mistake in Expedia’s system, or perhaps they were hoping to take advantage of people who don’t look closely at prices and also have one of those no-limit American Express cards?

In either case, it seems pretty clear that the 5-night cruises are better value considering they are the exact same price as the 4-night version, with both being offered at a suspicious-looking $987,654,321 for the whole journey.

But if it’s not a mistake, it got me to thinking what I would need to see included for even a 5-night Caribbean cruise to be worth almost one billion dollars. Everyone has different priorities, and every cruise line is different, but for me I think for that price I would expect at least the following:

  1. A large cabin with a window, a sitting area, and hopefully a balcony
  2. Free alcohol, although not necessarily the top-shelf stuff
  3. My choice of meals, even at the upgraded restaurants
  4. Coupons for at least 50% off some popular shore excurions
  5. Priority boarding
  6. A free pull on one of those oversized slot machines in the casino
  7. A real (non reality-show) “celebrity” on board

What would it take for a cruise to be worth nearly one billion dollars per person for you?

Here’s a larger version of the offer:

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  1. David says:

    Definitely a mistake. I don’t even think the entire ship costs that much to build. Even if it was the whole ship to yourself, it wouldn’t be that much.

  2. Carlos says:

    The entire ship to my party.