Galway, Ireland Travel Guide Last Updated: Dec 2022

Galway is a charming city with a compact center that contrasts nicely with the hustle and bustle of Dublin. It’s the best place to see traditional music performances, which are often free in pubs throughout the city. Hotels in Galway are reasonably priced compared to those in the capital as well, as are the few hostels with dorm rooms in the city.

Why Visit Galway

Galway Facts

Population 73,000
Area 230,000
Timezone UTC+0
Currency Euro
Airports Galway Airport (GWY), Shannon Airport (SNN)

Where to eat and drink in Galway

Budget breakfastMany hotels include breakfast. If yours doesn't you've got several options in the city center.$4.35 - $6.52
Budget lunchThere are small restaurants everywhere you look, including many pubs that serve food as well.$7.61 - $11.96
Budget dinnerMany pubs have dinner specials and also host casual traditional music performances. $9.78 - $14.13
Pint of beerGuinness is available everywhere, as are local lagers. Prices are lower in Galway than in Dublin, thankfully.$4.35 - $5.43
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When to visit Galway

Temperature and rainfall

Month High F Low F Precip (inches)

Galway Weather advice

Sunrise and sunset

21 Mar6:37am6:51pm
21 Jun5:08am10:08pm
21 Sep7:20am7:38pm
21 Dec8:49am4:19pm

Galway Hotel Seasons

Galway Hotel Prices

Rating Price(USD)
starstarstarstarstar32.61 - 54.35
starstarstarstarstar64.13 - 86.96
starstarstarstarstar41.30 - 140.22
starstarstarstarstar54.35 - 135.87
starstarstarstarstar163.04 - 217.39
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Galway Hostel Prices

Type Price(USD)
Hostel Bed18.48 - 28.26

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