List of free walking tours around the world

The trend of ‘free’ walking tours appears to have started in Berlin in 2004 and has now spread to over 40 cities around the world, including nearly every major tourist destination in Europe. Fad or not, free walking tours seem to be here to stay, so we thought it would be helpful to collect a list of them all in one place.

The fine people at Free Sofia Tour compiled this original list and with their permission I’m including it here as well so value-oriented travelers have more chances of finding these tours and even planning their trips around them.

As of 2018 there is a company called Guru Walk that offers free walking tours in cities around the world using their online platform. I don’t know how it’s all working but it seems like something worth checking out, especially if you aren’t finding a tour in a city you are visiting.

The tour guides work on tips and participants are free to tip as much or little as they think is appropriate, so they are a great first activity and orientation in a city on literally any budget.

Free walking tours by city

If you know of additional free walking tours or find that any on this list no longer offers the tours, please let us know so we can keep this list up to date.

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  1. Pawel says:

    A new walking tour in Cracow/Krakow, Poland! Please add this one to the list, it’s really great. We went for two of their tours during Easter time together with my American friends. One of the best walking tours I’ve ever been to. If you are planning to visit Cracow, don’t miss this one. Look at

    Thanks for the heads-up. It’s been added to the main list. -Roger

  2. Ivan says:

    Free day and night walking tour by a hostel and tourist agency Envoy in Yerevan, Armenia. I am in no way associated with them, just giving you an info. The rest of the tours are paid for, but day and night walking tour are free.

    Thanks Ivan. It’s been added to the main list, and it wouldn’t matter if you were associated with them because this list is a resource that is trying to include any and all of them. -Roger

  3. Mary says:

    Thanks Roger. Have now accessed the sight and will certainly make use of it when we travel to Russia later in the year.

  4. Mary says:

    Great site for budget travelers especially. Great spread of cities but unable to open the free Moscow tour which was disappointing!

    (Thanks for mentioning this, Mary. I just fixed the Moscow link now. -Roger)

  5. Jack says:

    3 years in the running. best tour in Slovenia. Sr=trange it was excluded from the list.

    (Jack, it was just an oversight. Your Ljubljana tour has now been added to the list, and I may add the city to the main site as well. Thanks. -Roger)

  6. Erdem Güven says:

    we will be pleased to welcome you in ?stanbul.

  7. Boyko says:

    The list is getting bigger and bigger, it’s awesome 🙂

  8. yonathan says: check this web site out!!

    (Thanks for this update. Your Cusco free walking tour link has now been added to the main list. -Roger)

    1. Elvis Peralta says:

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      If there is something else that I need to do before appearing on your platform, please let me know, I am willing to cooperate.

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  9. Rachele says:

    This is one of the most interesting lists I ever read online! Thanks for sharing. Too bad Milan, the city where I live, doesn’t offer free walking tours.

  10. Diane Dalgleish says:

    The Mayor of Bath’s Corps of Honorary Guides give free walking tours around the Georgian City of Bath, England. Walks are around 2hours long, lots to take in – the architecture, Jane Austen associations, also site of Roman Baths and Medieval Abbey. Details here:
    And a taster in our Interactive Postcard from Bath:
    with commentaries from Mayor’s Guide Kirsten Elliot and others.

    (Thank you for this. It’s now been added to the main list. Unlike the others, this one takes quite a bit of reading to discover that the tours are not only free, but the guides don’t accept tips either. It might be worth making that more clear. -Roger)