France prices

France is famously the world's most visited country. And while this statistic can be more than a little misleading, since many of the visits are short trips from neighboring countries, still, it's hard to say anything bad about France as long as you can afford the place.

Paris is certainly a city everyone should visit at some point in their life if they can, and the Mediterranean coast is filled with charming cities and beaches that are playgrounds for some of the world's richest people.

Generally France will seem expensive for most people, but as with most other places, if you plan ahead and have a strategy you can have a great time in France even on a backpacker's budget.

We'll be adding more cities in France in the near future, so check back.

France travel prices

Nice costs – The largest and cheapest city on the Mediterranean coast is an excellent base for budget travelers, with plenty to see in the city and nearby.

Paris costs – It would be hard to find a more beautiful city or one with better food overall, so the relatively high prices don't seem wasted on most people.

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