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As winter is beginning in the Northern Hemisphere, leisure travelers head to the Caribbean while backpackers and cultural travelers head to southern Asia. The Caribbean is usually sold in package deals including airfare, but to Asia you have to find your own flights, which are usually expensive.

It’s worth checking various airfare sites to get the best deal, but right now you’ll have a hard time beating Vayama, which somehow gets the best deals on most major routes and right now is running a promotion to Asia.

Save on airfare to Asia

Save on airfare to Asia with discounted flights at

You’ll usually save between US$10 and $50 per flight using Vayama, for the exact same flights you see on the other sites. Sometimes you’ll actually discover a flight on an airline that isn’t listed on the other ones, and the savings can be even deeper.

The great thing about southern Asia, including Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, as well as India and Nepal, is that prices of almost everything else are very low once you get there. If you can get a cheap flight then you can stay for a month or more for less than it would cost if you stayed home, and you are in the tropical sun seeing interesting things as well.

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